Aug 12, 2009

wedding signage


the first time i saw this pic, it made me thinking - apart from deco, this would also be great wedding signage! a personalized balloon, hanging at few prominent places on the way to your home reception. since my house tepi highway je, we can just keep 3 pieces as max. mylar/foil balloon is recommended as they can float/last longer, but i prefer plastic balloon (macam beach ball tu) as they are better in appearance :) i'd love them in white, but simple tie of tiffany ribbon at the bottom would make them even livelier, kan?

been searching high & low for this personalized balloon, mostly found locally are limited to latex and mylar balloon huhu. otherwise, got to resort to simple written signage with hanging tiffany & white latex balloons. but latex balloon cepat kecut, and am not sure their reliability during sunny day hehe! while the risk of having this too could invite attention to kanak-kanak nakal untuk memecahkannya :P or worst, due to it being unconventional in malay wedding, our guest may not even know it's actually a wedding signage!

earlier, i thought to print the balloon with "arrow" to indicate direction to my reception. but but, they're floating anyway and the "arrow" could be misleading in the end. tak pasal-pasal guest sesat nanti, so i scrap the whole arrow printing idea :)

i hate to admit that i'll trash them once the wed is over. or most, i'll keep one, fold them nicely & paste them in wedding scrapbook to reminisce moment of being dreamy bridezilla hehe!

adorable :)


BuTtErFlyInFraMe said...

huhu..idea yg memang menarik..
dear, boleh je pasang depan2 umah or main canopy entrance. :)( jus 2 or 3..

bapak i pun asalnya nk gunakan ballon but bukan for signage la tapi untuk entrance pintu gerbang instead of pintu gerbang bunga2 .. but i'd love to say "no" ballon for pintu gerbang.. :)

yunayuni said...

idea yang bijak.heheh.tapi letak dekat2 rumah jelah kot.

letak kat tgh jalan boleh mengundang confusion.heheh.

i like the bears in the balloon.kat msia ada eh orang provide this service?

sweet cravings said...

dear... it's such a great idea! :) but tu la, as u mentioned- the typical us- nnt tak nampak belon yg kt guna for signage cuz we'll be looking for some printed paper or cards for directions kan..? huhu. but i seriously heart the idea! :)

Ms Aliz said...

sweet! and lurveee balloons to bits!

but tu la..typical us would hv thought 'eh ape ni..birthday party ke?'

susah jugak dok kt mesia ni...perhaps someone kena start dulu and later on baru the rest would follow the steps kot...itupun after years

^eazy^ said...

babe, it's a great idea..
looking forward to hear from u if u plan 2 av this balloon as ur signage..
mesti sume org suke.. =)

Sha Pattinson said...

ballon sounds cool sis pon suruh letak ballon lain dari yang lain ..tgkla camne coz mine is jawa modern so tatau laa sesuai ke tidak nanti if i put the ballons ..btw its good idea i think ..well done wlt!!!

sabsabby said...

hey u can try the ballon shop either in hartamas or pj sec 14...i'm preety sure they can do them..not so sure how much they charge though..i'm going to assume its not going to be the chepest...but they both provide good service..

anil lutaze said...


x sbr nk tgk ur wed dear

Qis said...

nice! i planned to put a floating pink balloon on a black arrow signage. tp itu lah, have not yet considered the reliability. kang dah kecut, it will not serve its purpose plak, kan... maybe kita kena wat test - how long does it take before the latex balloons goes flat under the hot sunny day... hehe

hidden.wing said...

thanks BIF! depan rumah dah terfikir nak letak something tapi belum ade budget utk itu :P balloon arch sounds too matsaleh kan, pomander lagi comel for u hehe :D

thought of putting them at main junctions, to serve the signage purpose hehehe! but anyway thanks yuni, will figure out on avoiding such confusion :D bears in balloon tu can request kut from party shop :)

mira, my dad suggest palm size invitation card! handy for my guest, senang nak refer can slash budget for unnecessary signage or balloon whatnots..geram je hahaha

msaliz, so true..some might mistaken with family day ke kan hehe! maybe can try heart shaped balloon to hint wedding affair ;P (cant access ur blog today, i heart your post on paper centerpiece..invite me pls!)

thanks ezi for being supportive :D

sha, u can get some ideas form Indon bridal mag. i've seen one having balloon, goodluck dear ;)

oh, sec14 quite nearby, will checkout from them soon, thanks sab :)

thanks anil! tak sabar kene dtg tau nanti :D

qis, let us know once u test them k! i'd love to resort for latex balloon too as they're lot cheaper :D

Ms Aliz said...

dearest dear,

i think the reason for you not available to access my blog is because I'm having itchy fingers..;p

Changed my address to

sorry ye lambat nau update...