Aug 22, 2009

cake stand

im home ;) and while waiting for berbuka, i googled some info on cake stand, which i tentatively considering one for my wed. was overwhelmed with idea after reading k.Shaja's tips - they make small cake look bigger & taller.

here some to feast your eyes, all taken from mat saleh's sites :

lil pumpkin for cinderella dreaming; available in various size!
click here for more, hehe.

curly for your multi-tiers. available locally, but i missed the link :(

glass tiers of cuppies & cake on top.
local cuppy maker usually have smaller size for hantaran setting.

for hygiene-freak? huhu

out of those gorgeous cake stands, WLT being the boring bride always fell for simple, plain stand hehehe! and here my pick, love them in solid white :

i found they just perfect for my 1-tier cake & homey outdoor wedding. so friends, if u happen to know any place to hire with reasonable rate, please please let me know. thanks!

p/s : selamat berbuka to all :)


sueanne sunshine said...

i am looking for one too, especially for the last one, the white english like cake stand..

Sha Pattinson said...

i think i don't use any cake stand ..kalau ada pon ..i kena tunggu dengan aunty i yang sponsor wedding cake i hehehe camne rupa cake i tue .. i agree with sueanne sunshine yang last tu mmg cantik ..

sweet cravings said...

dear, i agree with sueanne & sha.. infact, i have also saved the choc cake pic in my lappie ages ago. sbb, it looks great- even with just a simple stand ;)

but i was thinking, just in case ssh sgt utk dpt stand tu... i nak buat mcm kuzie. hehe. make our own stand out of wine glasses & letak je cake board atas tu (dlm mag pengantin tiffany u ada example- pg 141) hehe

just a thought though. if i jupe any any who rents the thg, i'll keep u posted ;)

Elly ANAILLE said...

the simpler the better. i pun tgh cari cake stand mcm the last pics tu. macam pernah nampak @ summit usj few months back. at that time tak terfikir lagi untuk beli. skrg rasa nyesal lak. huhu.

hanim said...

i suka yg last.. simple n chanteq.. :) pluss sng nk handle kot.. xsure i punya cmner nati.:(

Qis said...

the curly white cake stand tu mmg cantik... especially for dream cinderella wedding.

but somehow, i'd go for the simple one too... mcm it'll make the cake stand out more - especially for us who'll have only one tier cake... ;)

BuTtErFlyInFraMe said...

semuanya cantik..tapi yang simple lagi menarik hati..:)

hidden.wing said...

glad to hear another fan sueanne! u in overseas now, surely accessible to many options of nice cake stands...jelesnye hehe

love last pic so much too! sha, kamu sudah beruntung cos ade org sponsor cake :)

mira, for 1-tier cake mcm susah sikit getting wine glass as base to support. kuzie's quite applicable for multitiers cake, where you had biggest cake as a base. thanks dear, at least i've got option if suddenly rezeki org nak sponsor cake tinggi pulak kan! (berangan je..hehe)

elly, any idea the one in summit available for rental too? am glad to consider if rate is reasonable :)

hanim, apart from its simplicity, i love the fact it's not blocking our cake or pengantin..hehe

agreed qis, cake stand should complement, not to outshine our cake & pengantin kan hehe :)

thanks alena! mine 1-tier cake aje, dapat yang simple mcm last pic tu pn dh sgt happy :)

dialicious said...

shylla,I once bought the cake stand similar to the last pic but english design from Vintage but everytime i go parkson or Isetan area pinggan mangkuk tu i mmg suka usha any cake stand(kata suka makan cake kan!hahaha)
the cake stand like the last pic tu rasenye ade jual kat parkson.pegila cekout kt KLCC..normally arnd 200-300.yg salu ade mmg color putih pun :)

hidden.wing said...

diah, it's quite costly...
nak2 pulak im not good at baking macam u, nanti cake stand tu jadi tempan simpan habuk je after kahwin hikhik..if possible i nak rent je stand tu. if u know any place renting this out share k :)

thanks again diah & happy 2nd honeymoon!

Anonymous said...


I enjoy reading ur posts eventho I'm already married :P

I like the cakestand for the you know where I can get this in Klang Valley/KL area? Thanks! - Erin

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