Aug 31, 2009

white cakestand

yesterday's trip to SSF was super fruitful...

though the 'kaki' not that tinggi like my prev post, but can u resist when they come with only rm58 price tag?
(earlier my budget was rm50 for renting! heee)

p/s : tingkat kedua, second from right. plain one ;)


sweet cravings said...

yeay! you've found it and it looks great! the plain ones pun da cantik. and super reasonable too! ;)

i nak yg 3- tier tu.. wanna place it on the dulang hantaran for some sweet stuffs~ :) lepas kawin bole guna untuk tea party. heheh

syanaim said...

::wow..mcm best jer..leh letak for my kids invatation..hihi::

bitsANDpieces said... mesti case amek gmbr gune phone ni..hehehe..i remember dulu i ade snap gmbr..pastu kene sound dengan nyonya kat situ

marryme said...

aaa sangat murah! SSF kat mana ek? kat KL ke kat damansara?

BuTtErFlyInFraMe said...

cun cun...kalau kek kecik skit than stand, and ada some space around, leh letak bunga2..huhu cantik nye..

btw, 3 tier tu pon ok gak kan, for cuppies just in case kalau tanak ada kek besar.. :)

sueanne sunshine said...

thank u for sharing!!

dytia said...

yang paling bawah tu macah cake tier for my hantaran. LOL
adalagi kat rumah. Nak guna time raya karang

Elly ANAILLE said...

dear, thanks for sharing!

Btw,last weekend i pegi outlet barang-barang at ikano, ade white cakestand besar jgk. aftr less jdk rm48. murah,i grab jgk. n kat summit tu mhl! plastik, kecik siap cover la, rm64.

Sha Pattinson said...

WLT ..i been there last Saturday hehehe yiaa sff ada buat sales kan ..bakul mengkuang tue dr rm5.60 turn to rm1.50 jerk how cheap ..and everything pls wedding ade kat ssf woww ..rasa mcm taknak balik jerk ..hehehe

hidden.wing said...

mira, sangat lega finally we found them - at reasonable price lagi hehe! tea party? ok, make nice cuppies & do invite me & the rest wed bloggers k ;P

syanaim, kids invitation? hmm camne tu ye hehehe..

bitsAndpieces,luckily nyonya tu takde. but there's one lady yg sgt helpful, selalu deal with her since i knew her from her last working in jakel tak kene marah bile snap pic :P

marryme, Jln TAR ;)

thanks alena, flower deco mcm best jugak kan :D 3-tiers stand tu very tiny tau, too small for those looking for cuppies as replacement to wedding cake. for hantaran mmg nice ;D

welcome sueanne!

wah dytia, bestnye dah dpt recycle for raya..alah membeli, menang memakai :)

thanks for sharing too elly! post some pic pls, if worth it im planning to grab one in ikano, can save rm10 from SSF and no hassle to find parking compared to Jln TAR hehe!

yeap sha, their sale sgt heaven! yg crystal-like cakestand pun ade, rm20+ after less kan ;)

Nani said...


anyone interested to buy cake stands SSF ni at discounted price, pls let me know!

Many thanks,

Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

hihi last week i pun nampak itu, sume2 benda yg sale tu mmg murah kalau nak compare biasa.. :)

hidden.wing said...

nani, which design u nak let go looking for plain one hehe..

aah huda, sale will continue until raya kan...sure u dah sempat memborong kan hehehe :)

dialicious said...

nak juggeeee..for cupcakes

Anonymous said...

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