Jun 25, 2008

engagement checklist

it has been a busy week for me; management presentation, weddings, family engagement etc....few days of sleepless night to finish off my presentation and yesterday was the final and today? 2 days MC for having high fever and low blood pressure. i should take a break, and this wedding-blogging thingy is one of my fave therapy !

me & dotty already had our engagement kain, but the tempahan is postponed until i lose some weight hehehe..

as part of my preparation,i'm listing down the hantaran for engagement :

- sirih junjung
- persalinan for him
- cupcakes
- chocs / manisan
- potpourri / bunge rampai
- fruits..

ape lagi yer? (btw, the cupcakes hantaran from Sher Design is so sweeet..)

Jun 22, 2008

diamonds are forever

a ring to die for...

Jun 21, 2008

engagement ring

yeay sudah kenyang. so can continue my blogging (eventho i'm still load with piles of work now!).

first thing.do you really need an engagement ring?truthfully for me who always seek ways of cutting cost i would say NO hehe. but hey, it has been a long way tradition & last week my dad already hint for engagement ceremony.so the conclusion - he expected a ring, so we need the ring.ok at least me.

me & dotty went to D&P, so called unplanned ring-hunting (or survey je kut hehe). the salesgirl is friendly, hmm best. felt in love with this eternity band, but it's so thiiin (which justify why the price is only rm1.1k).we didnt intend to look for those at the left-side rings since we knew they're wayyyy beyond our budget :)

then we dropped by Poh Kong. plenty of choices within our budget range.found this lovely ring with little diamond and the cost? less than 1k! hmm quite nice for a simple engagement ring :) dotty warned to better made my choice right cos he assumed i'll be asking for another solitaire for the real wedding. so he preferred me to take the eternity band for engagement. ok dotty, let's take it as either one k. if eternity band already for engagement, so the wedding ring will be solitaire and vice versa. subject to change without prior notice *grin*

macam mane if tetibe ter-suka yang three stones nye pulak? haha pening la my dotty.pening nak cari duit keh keh..!!

KL wedding expo 20-22/6/08

after sha's wedding, me, dotty & lion went to KL wedding expo (mvalley). not much to look for since most of the vendors cater for non-malay wedding. and another thing, there are lots of hotels having their booth to promote their wedding banquet & package hoho not our budget definitely.

just managed to buy 2copies of Ratu Sehari (and get 3 free copies of Bridal Guide mag yeay). There flew my 30bux but love the mags so much since they featured lots and lots of pelamin from Nas Great Idea!

then we dropped by to jewellery shop jeng jeng jeng...cont later k cos dah lapa nasik...

sha's now a wifey!

finally my darling sha is already a wifey! so happy for her :) her wedding yesterday was something to remember of, especially for the bright orange theme & tasty food from d'hidang (really miss that mouthwatering daging salai masak hitam huaa...). babe, me so envy with your princess cut lah hehe..!!

ok babe, have a good time in bali kay -- hope you oredy found your dream-hot sundress & of cos dont forget my ole2 yerrr...!!

Jun 19, 2008

wedding jitters

one of my gossip girls is getting married in less than 24hrs! time fly fast, even it's already one year - i feel like just yesterday when shazana & me having our usual gossip-lunch and how happy she was to officially engaged with her partner, hakimi. oh my. and me? after that one-yr thing, me & dotty didnt move very much in term of tying the k.n.o.t. plan *sigh*

way forward? another honey-i-think-we-should-sit-down-n-talk session?

Jun 15, 2008

patchi in pink!

Look what i've got here! A heavenly made hantaran from Merisik Gallery, with choc fillings in white English box. Pinkish, hmm so sweet. Actually the asal usul was giving the manisan, (symbollic for sweetness of marriage life) but nowadays the youngsters had replaced it with chocolates - as they came with pretty packaging, and most importantly, readily available in stores!

Love the white box, and how that butterfly adding the fairytale effect to it. Bubbly lil flower to match with, so lovely.
Spell S.W.E.E.T.

Jun 9, 2008

tiffany ring holder

a cute bekas cincin. one thing that makes this bekas cincin so catchy to me -- it's turqoise! but some would prefer to retain the original box of the ring as it carries the "brand" name and, "status" maybe? again, terpulang. we have 1001 preference, and each preference came with at least a single reason right?

oh btw, the pic is from 4weddingku page. enjoy!

lovely chiffon veil

2008 is the year which i cant get enough of Jln TAR. Suddenly it became so addictive & irresistible - oh am i becoming shafaf? haha.

went to Jln TAR once again, looking for the best piece of selendang/veil to match my peach engagement kain. forget ALINAS, none of their offer suit my interest (they dont even have french lace for god sake). entered Maya, the lady was very helpful. after an hour, she managed to find plain chiffon with exact color as mine and offered to custom-made the veil for RMxxx. The charges quite expensive compared to the "chances" & "frequency" of usage after the event hehe. i told her that i'm going to look for the ready made one, if none match to my kain only then i'll decide to custom-made.

walked through Gulati's, still no matching. but i found something - exact peach chiffon beaded sold at Gulati's. u guess the price k, absolutely i'm not gonna reveal it here but the price that i bought was very much cheaper and yes, i'm talking the same quality here. (smiling)

finally i went to Jakel, and once again i tell you - it never dissapoint me! i got those ready made chiffon selendang. a heaven made with pinky-peach color.lovely!! another reason to smile today, right?

Jun 8, 2008

turqoise home dais

or should it be this simple for my turqoise dais? simple & much more homey :)
taken from fathinz fotopages.

turqoise dais

turqoise pelamin to match with. what do you think? me? love those blue roses paired with white daisies.........
pic from digitalsyndicate collection.

lovely turqoise

look what i've found today? a lovely turqoise wedding dress. simple and yet very nice!
taken from digitalsyndicate fotopage.

Jun 4, 2008

little, white wedding dress..

regardless of how much fashion has evolved, i still love baju kurung and baju kebaya to be my main (and perfect) wedding dress. as long it is lace, and it is white. minus the kain batik, i would say that i really admire those Indonesian wedding dress. neat, and nicely fit the ladies - like the one above. remind me of what Nora Danish used to wear on her big day, except her neckline is much more exposed, giving lots of empasis to her beautiful collar bone...

*picture from Indonesian designer, Griya's website

Jun 1, 2008

my cream-turqoise flower

found this from fotopages, cant remember the link. a perfect cream bunga pahar with a touch of turqoise. yeay, i finally found mine! the flower need not to be all turqoise, few dots on it just work right?