Jun 21, 2008

engagement ring

yeay sudah kenyang. so can continue my blogging (eventho i'm still load with piles of work now!).

first thing.do you really need an engagement ring?truthfully for me who always seek ways of cutting cost i would say NO hehe. but hey, it has been a long way tradition & last week my dad already hint for engagement ceremony.so the conclusion - he expected a ring, so we need the ring.ok at least me.

me & dotty went to D&P, so called unplanned ring-hunting (or survey je kut hehe). the salesgirl is friendly, hmm best. felt in love with this eternity band, but it's so thiiin (which justify why the price is only rm1.1k).we didnt intend to look for those at the left-side rings since we knew they're wayyyy beyond our budget :)

then we dropped by Poh Kong. plenty of choices within our budget range.found this lovely ring with little diamond and the cost? less than 1k! hmm quite nice for a simple engagement ring :) dotty warned to better made my choice right cos he assumed i'll be asking for another solitaire for the real wedding. so he preferred me to take the eternity band for engagement. ok dotty, let's take it as either one k. if eternity band already for engagement, so the wedding ring will be solitaire and vice versa. subject to change without prior notice *grin*

macam mane if tetibe ter-suka yang three stones nye pulak? haha pening la my dotty.pening nak cari duit keh keh..!!

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