Jun 25, 2008

engagement checklist

it has been a busy week for me; management presentation, weddings, family engagement etc....few days of sleepless night to finish off my presentation and yesterday was the final and today? 2 days MC for having high fever and low blood pressure. i should take a break, and this wedding-blogging thingy is one of my fave therapy !

me & dotty already had our engagement kain, but the tempahan is postponed until i lose some weight hehehe..

as part of my preparation,i'm listing down the hantaran for engagement :

- sirih junjung
- persalinan for him
- cupcakes
- chocs / manisan
- potpourri / bunge rampai
- fruits..

ape lagi yer? (btw, the cupcakes hantaran from Sher Design is so sweeet..)

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