Jul 6, 2008

fresh flower hantaran

yeay, already asked quotation for engagement hantaran from my fave 'penggubah hantarans', Sher & Nuwoo8. No wonder their design are much alike, they're friends! But whatever, i love their magic touch on hantarans.

Considered their price very cheap as compared to the rest (i even being quoted rm200 p/dulang for fresh flower, crazy!!). Gotta change my plan to artificial flower (dip/organza/stokin) since the fresh ones might not 'tahan' if i want to pick up 2 days before the event, especially my sweet baby's breath sob sob. so my dotty jelah can opt for fresh flower hantarans cos he'll pick up the fresh-from-oven ones on the day itself & drive it all the way to penang yeeha..!!

one thing left? decision on concept, and either Sher or Nuwoo8? thinking..thinking..

the best concept that i would think of now......mcm kat atas tu huhu...cantik dulang curvy2 tu :P

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