Jul 7, 2008

Pameran Pengantin 2008

finally my long waited Pameran Pengantin 2008 in midvalley from 4-7 July 08!! me & dotty woke up early ok, tanak lame2 cari parking lah, mkn cepat2 lah kunun haha..beria2, but at last kul 1 gak br masuk that fair.
the good part of this time wedding fair is, the target crowd is malay hee..before this, lots of chinese ones, expensive and lots of gowns which i dont really fancy for my wedding.
ok, that's the good part. but the best part is ---- lots of famous designers, photographers, decorators were here, giving their best price to lucky ones.to name a few; candidsyndrome, prettypeektures, jovian mandagie, nas great idea, pak abu etc.
me & dotty were actually looking for 'ideas' for our coming engagement. nothing much actually cos most of em will be at penang side. tapi sempat jugak tu we berangan on our far-away-wedding, cam biase la i lebih2 hihi...
let's get started..
bridal wear
my fave will always be jovian mandagie, whose work very much inspired by his indonesian culture. his white lacey wedding dress, with heavy shining beads enough to keep me speechlessly standing, and again to realize for countless times that i cant afford it...! (even the price gone down to rm4k after 50% discount huhu). the next best thing? lavish french lace dress from Glam Collection (sponsor for Dynas' wedding). rm1.5k sepasang with accessories. cantik gile.......yang ini boleh la masuk dlm list yeyeay...

CandidSyndrome still the best, partnering with Jovian for dress+photo package (rm6k). CS offerred rm1488, covering the wedding photoshoot & 10"x12" storybook album. best2, nasib baik lambat lagi. if not x pasal2 ade jugak yang melayang 30% deposit hehe..!! videography mostly rm1k++. penang rm600 je, jgn marah.
invitation card
went to this one booth, the salesgirl is very sombong but the hardcovered cards are pretty, but a little expensive. next stop was LH Creative where i met my long-lost friend, mimi. her kenduri will be in nov, no wonder la ko busy skarang ye~ this booth ramai gile org, the cards are selling cheap & designs were damn niceee...hardcovered rm2.50 je but min order is 500. really fancy this simple white card with silver font, 80cents je...murahnye..cop!!

nas great idea la the greatestttt...and as usual good things dont come cheap :) cheapest they can offer for dais in house is rm3k++. hall starting from rm5-6k if x mistaken, remember STARTING. but one thing i found out about them, they wont repeat any design to the next customer even how much you're dying for that. wow, they really mean "exclusive" here.my budget just rm1.5k & already found some vendors who can fit the theme that i want with our budget *wink* but for now, i'm more on mini pelamin for engagement. cantik kan mini pelamin from zaifie & fathinz ni? (above)

to be continued cos dah mengantuk lalala~

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