Jul 6, 2008

white ribbon invitation

found this comey card from internet. the lady posted somewhere in forum, sorry ye sis nak post gak kt sini cos your card is very nice~ *clap*clap*

if not mistaken, she got it for only 62 cents. a good bargain for a simple but yet very nice design. with ribbon somemore people hee!!

already discussed with dotty. we'll minimize those Bandung hardcovered card to save cost, perhaps for only 150 close friends + parents'-so-called-vip-friends (ade ke?).

the rest, hmm this card pun ok pe, kan kan?


book-A-licious said...

hi there...

do u mind sms-ing me the contact details on where to get this card.i love the design...
my no. 012-6225494...tx!:)

haniazrina83 said...

Bole bagitau kedai mana buat kad ni? LH Creative ke?

Nway, this is my wedding blog


hidden.wing said...

hi all, ive gotten few emails seeking for contact to get this cutie card. really sorry as i didnt know the source, it just happened that the pic was saved from a forum but really really forgot the link :( sorry ya!

Aku said...

eh, i tau sape nye card tu. she's my friend. hehe. =)

kad ni from LH creative gak.