Jul 13, 2008

D&P affair..

me just got back from sunway pyramid with dotty, and guess what i brought home for dinner? my unbelievably engagement ring! it was again a so called unplanned ring hunting, but the megasale attraction was undeniably irresistable!!

we went through out all jewellery shops in SP, from My Diamond (salesgirl very sombong, banned!), Tomei, Poh Kong, Wah Chan, SK Jewellery and finally D&P was our last stop. Out of these shops, Wah Chan & D&P deserve a 10 for their excellent customer service. Both shops have the ring that i wanted, and which of course fit our budget. like i said, we just went there to survey and we supposed to buy it only in Dec....

Wah Chan is giving 70% disc for all rings, and the one that caught my eyes left with rm1250 (from rm4k++) only!! we just went out as we thought today is just another ring-window-shopping hehe.

but as we went out, my dotty said "bie, i think we shud just buy - it's megasale anyway. when the hell can we get this price nemore rite?" i just kept quiet & we kept walking, until we finally warmly welcomed by D&P staff, Barrin Lim (i think i quoted it right hehe).

Barrin was damn friendly & helpful, he showed us from one ring to another just to make sure we got what we really really want! he even provided us with lots of useful advice, especially in matching my engagement & wedding ring. yes Barrin, the one with rm10k pricetag was damn hard to resist but it's way off our budget hehe.....

after long hrs consultation with him, we finally ended up with above. it was something that i like, few diamonds in the middle (which looks like a big solitaire!), and being 'apit' with micro diamonds at both left & right. as per Barrin, the design was sold out but he re-order for his so-called customer. and that was the last piece left, and the price? surprisingly less than rm2k!! no discount since that was the best price :)

me love it.dotty too. but i still think the price was too much for an engagement, which supposed to be simple. shafaf is right; when it is about me, nothing from head-to-toe is simple haha. kadang2 je la shafaf...

we ended up buying it, considering the price and 0.36c that we get. worth it....and me soo happy!!

again, Diamond & Platinum never dissapoints me. ohh counting the days...lambatnye..

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