Feb 28, 2009

it's another bestie........

me & girlfriends overnight at Shafaf's house yesterday to help her out on her engagement. we did the last minute flower arrangement for her bedroom deco & sirih junjung.

if i could wrap, yes it did turn a fab one and we soo love it! one thing that we love - the event was carefully planned, and mind you - most of em are DIY! Shafaf's mom is realll gooood when it comes to craft & deco thingy (so does Shafaf!). Hantaran, bed deco, mini pelamin, hand bouquet, doorgift were all by her mom & yes, single-handed while Shafaf did her own engagement makeover, too. superb.

let the pics tell you the rest cos i'm so out of words..!

with her DIY bouquet

nicely done pelamin - hot sweet pink!

sirih junjung & beautifully decorated hantaran

simple bed deco, our flower arrangement tersorok la :P

Feb 26, 2009


I heart Thailand ever since our trip to Phuket last year. Beaches & their warm hospitality definitely to be remembered of :)

Since the trip was very very short one (which sangat2 tak puas), we thought of making a comeback, for honeymoon perhaps. With a bit diversion – to KRABI instead, just 2hrs boat ride from Phuket ehhe.

Bestfriends (of course with funny faces) asking, why not Europe? (As if AA & MAS effortless promotion didn’t ring any bell to my ringgit sense!) It can be as simple as I can’t afford it (even the super discounted tix), and no offense – Europe honeymoon is clichĂ© and so overrated hehe. I’d rather spend for autumn in Korea if I’m blessed with extra cash. Unfortunately, I’m NOT!

Asian too indulged with many beautiful places for honeymoon. Bali has been favorites to many, including me. But last year alone, 3 newlywed besties had their honeymoon there and we kept listening to same story of Kuta beach to Nusa Dua to ubud to painting to Balinese massage. Takkan I nak repeat same story lagi kan...?

There comes the KRABI thingy. And AA fly to Krabi tooo, so we can expect cheap promo tix sooooon. Typical beach vacation, so the to-dos not that much differ from Bali. Island hopping, snorkeling, sea kayaking, beach massages, sunset dinner, cultural & transvestite show to as silly as elephant trekking and horse riding. Can opt for scuba diving, ATV, water rafting, rock climbing for more adventurous honeymoon :P

Just a little extra to request, if the cash permit hihi – cruise & sunset dinner on traditional Chinese junk. Not that overwhelming to you – I know, but for me quite a lifetime experience cos mane nak cari tongkang tgh2 KL ni hehehe.

We too thought of Boracay Island Philippines but the need of connecting flights was a big turn off. Risk of delayed flight, missing the next flight, stranded and paying another bucks for next flight is horrifying, especially on honeymoon. NO.

Just a little advice – Always keep the SPF handy.
And not to forget, those beach activities ONLY recommended for those having their honeymoon after both sides kenduri settle ya. If not, expect the sun-burned bride in your forever wedding album ;)

p/s : coming MATTA Fair 13-15 March 2009!!

Feb 25, 2009

wedding @ tiffany's...

tiffany theme canopies!
beautiful, but i dont dream such lavishness.
not to that extend of tiffany ribbon covered chair of course.
i just need at least that tiffany scallop to live up the theme. at least.
and talking about Penang canopy supplier/caterer, berapa ramai sangat la yang ade color ni eh...? ke takde?

new ticker...?

ya i know, i should change this old ticker to my wedding countdown.

masalah nye, we just have the month which still soooo tentative. so biarlah dulu hehe.

Feb 23, 2009

white & misty

tgh best layan It's All About You by McFly. sweet song if you're thinking for childhood/pre-wedding montage :)

today's nonsense is about having all-white wedding. i never oppose for couple dressing in white & at same time having those white too for their pelamin - something that most of you or at least, color expert would never ever agreed to! thot it's sooooo pure & stylish.

used to safekeep this pelamin pic for quite some time. seems personalized & something extraordinaire...

until i came across wedding of our beloved sexyback dance teacher, Linda J. Notice the pelamin? and they were all in whites tooo. hey, it works!

same goes to recent Sariyanti's. i still and forever think the all-whites work. yes, proper lighting would do the wonders, especially when you have those crystals around..

whites, chandelier, crystals, candles, chiffon = think Kapas Couture!

Feb 22, 2009

tiffany dress

another Indonesian-inspired wedding dress and it's TIFFANY yippieee! i'm blessed with too much melanin, so let's consider to take off those pinky bottom hmmmm.
WLT currently listening to potential wedding tune - Way Back Into Love

be my guest

sharing my engagement doorgifts to his comrades....

cuppy & packaging done by Hey, Cupcakes!

handmade box by Aisram

ribbon? sendiri sponsor la hihihi.

Feb 20, 2009

wooden tray

Those who so keen on having nusantara-type wedding, this wooden tray might be top of your list....traditional & very artistic.

Thought combination of blooming white roses & orchids would do great with this type of dulang. Add the little green a bit here & there, and not to forget those mini baby’s breaths..

Big white lilies can be considered too and since they’re big you might need a maximum of only ONE – jussst enough to invite attention, ok.


If you’d ask me, I prefer this type of hantaran to be from groom side. Pure, timeless and more masculine since the colors are kept to a very very minimal.

So brideys, make your choice! If interested, you may get them here

black & pink

My Zafira finally decided her wedding theme – “Gothic Chic” with lots of pink & black. Femme fatale, I told you haha! I’m not really keen on such theme, but I believe damaskyyy would help a lottt in realizing this…

Feb 19, 2009

february bride

dotty gave me his usual goodnight call before going to la-la land.
and the goodnight call came with something unexpected. wedding date proposal. ha?

his father insisted for February 2010, the one and only month where all his siblings will be in Malaysia since 3 of them studying abroad. and it's like less than a year now..?
we used to dream on february wedding too, but for some reason we postponed to later months e.g. Oct onwards..and the moment we cancelled it, my bestie interested to have her wedding on 6th Feb (her bday) and groom reception on 14th Feb. ooooooopss.
i dont want another bride wars. i asked my bestie once again to confirm her date before i re-proposing my february wedding, and im willing to hold it for her seriously.
"i'm not getting married in feb. i know that was your dream date, to get married on your anniversary right..?"
silent. i'm so speechless. if i could say something - dear i no longer mind the date. it can be after yours if you still want to get married on your bday *tears*
and the fact that V day will be another super expensive flowersssss just again turned me off ok :P so honey, i seriously didnt mind not getting married on that 14th ya?

Feb 18, 2009

hope u like it, as much as i do.

both of our hantarans were from Nasz, and we were really satisfied with her gubahan that day.
fresh flowers blooming all over the dulang, a very breathtaking...

talking about my hantaran, Nasz did all the flower arrangement using pinky peach roses, light purple eusthomas and red minis hypericum. you must be wondering how i drove it all the way to penang hehe. icebox! yes we put it in icebox to keep it fresh. Nasz put the labels on each, easy for me to re-arrange the flower bunch later that night. pic? ala, tgk sini dulu k..?

dotty's hantaran gained a very special remark from the guests. one of a kind, with gothic combination of black, gold and dark red. Nasz did post in her fotopages, so for now feel free k..!

mom hint, wanting Nasz again for our nikah ehhe. insyaAllah if ade rezeki lagi kan? anyway, before i drove to penang, Nasz gave me this...valentine's special katenye haha...thanks babe!!

we're going to meet Nasz again tonite, to return the hantaran props. since we sooo in love with the hantarans, i decided to give her something....

and i found this @ klcc, something that will always be her passion and interest...

hope she like it :) and semoga Nasz sentiasa dimurahkan rezeki...

the wishes

It’s my first day to office as a fiancĂ©.
Whole dieting & daily gym routine is over, signaling that I can enjoy my yummy nasik lemak for breakfast peacefully hohoho

Reached my workstation, with handful of The Sun free newspaper and my fave nasik lemak bungkus, of course!!

Guess what’s on top of my keyboard?????

No, it’s not a card.

It’s an ENGAGEMENT CARD..! With whole lots of congratulations and nasik minyak thingy messages haha. Not forgetting Faizah’s msg on how silau her eyes will be nanti with all my new bling bling, cessss :P

To all my coooool colleagues, thanks for the card and the best wishes. Korang sangat sweet tau tak..?

The card will definitely be in my coming no-progress-at-all engagement scrapbook ehhe :P

not that long

Hey, this sounds kinda frustrating. But can we wait for photos from my official photographer?
Reason being, the one from unofficialsss didn’t include lots and lots of thing – from rings to my handmade bouquet to cuppies doorgift to my suddenly nusantara pelamin and many many more ;)

One month period is not that long, honey! *winky winky smile*

Feb 17, 2009

white plate & pebbles

as requested by farahanna.
dear, i dont have exact hantaran using white plate with those pebbles or sweet fresh cuts. but i think, this centrepiece would at least give you some idea :)

i missed the link, sorrrrrry.

officially his fiance

we're officially engaged!

14th February 2009, marking our 7th anniversary tooo..


Feb 12, 2009

pls pray for us..

a tiring day, too much to share - horrible & happiness of pre-engagement :)
my last blog entry before i'm a fiance to dotty, insyaAllah.
please pray for us, friends!

bornt star


Feb 10, 2009

engagement wear

my engagement chiffon is readyyy........... *winkkkk*
pretty much satisfied this time, only after Umie extended those neckline beading & making em a bit thicker :P dotty sent his father's kain for baju melayu tooo, a very last minute request and Kimie had no problem to get em ready by friday noon...best kan?

Kimie giving his final touch...

i would personally recommend Kimie Kajang. Affordable rates & professional. Except, yes there's always an exception. He's soooo not used to call the customers hahaha. Imagine, my kain was sent to him on Jan 7th, but nothing started until CNY since he thought that i'll be coming to see my new lining that he bought first before he proceed. Mane tak panic since just 2 wks ++ left mase tu.

And we set the appoinment right after, to be like 9pm. Told him that i was already on the way and you taulah pj - kajang bukan nye dekat, so i sampai around 9.20pm. And he's already CLOSED. my fault la at the first place, but i already let him know yang i dah on the wayyyyy waaa. Dier tak call plak tu before nak close, adei frust btul la sbb dtg dah le jauh kan. So bride-to-be, yes i know frequent follow up is annoying to some, but i believe you should than be sorry later ok?

And be sure to let the details written in his book. Like mine, he forgot that i requested for neckline beading. Esok nak amik then baru tau dier lum wat beading lagi, aaa? Sempat ke? Luckily staffs dier mmg wat keje cepat, so beading siap in just one night, phew!!!

And one thing about Kimie, he's very helpful in assisting your needs, and of course, always with smiling face. Service mmg gile cepat, tu psl dier relax je even deadline like 2wks je lagi haha. And last but but not least, his bubbly personality make you always feel welcomed to his shop :)
That's all i could share about Kimie Kajang ..

Anyway, mom called and requested a change to hantaran. Nine West heels to manisan/any foodies.I was so pissed off!!!!!
Firstly, it is HIS hantaran - something that mom shouldnt interfere with!
Secondly, it was last minute request - sape nak accept last minute2 tempahan???
Thirdly, it's bcos of adat than the practicality of having the heels over the foodies argh!!!!

And that night, we rushed to Bateel BSC which about to close another 5 mins.
Luckily the Turkish Delight still available and dah siap decoration. a big relief, then.

Feb 9, 2009

pinky-polka-dots favor

my 50 ordered cuppies were not enough for doorgifts. dotty's comrades suddenly becoming 40 and mom expected total guests for my engagament not anything lesser than 100. to add the cuppies is not possible due to Azura's now closing for Valentine's cuppy promo while Aisram not taking the short notice cos handmade box isn't a one night job, dear.

last resort : DIY!
bought another 50 pcs of pink & cream bakul jerami. (rm22 for pack of 25 pcs ..)
leceh la 2-3 biji sweets ni, so finally settled down with mini Toblerone each box, senang. (rm8.45 for pack of 16pcs)
since there were some leftovers of my potpourri mini jar last time, haa let's have that brilliant idea of tabur menabur the potpourris in the box together with the mini toble. apart from giving some artistic touch on it, it comes with good smell, toooo. *sniff*sniff*

and finally, ribbon-tie as finishing. with polka dots printing yeah!

baru siap 4 bijik dah sibuk nak blogging haha.
boringla ikat-ikat ribbon ni, haih.

calming the jitters

February, a month of LOVE.
With this whole romantic mood & sorta calming the jitters of my coming engagement, i decided to drop by Floristika Bangsar with my sis today whee. it's a wholesaler of fresh flowers and i must say, the place is soooo heaven!! cos they have all my forever favorites - gerbera, calla lily, hydrangea, peony, eusthoma, carnations and oh, the list just keep going *grin*

dont bother to ask me any comparison with freshy in Petaling Street cos honestly, i have no idea on the pricing. considering February is the month of most expensive any roses could be isk, so to be getting rm26 for 20 stalks of those stunning red roses i consider cheap kot? no? roses petals going for rm10 per bag of half size of my arm. temptinggggg.

my engagement will be on Valentine's so i'm thinking of buying the fresh cuts by this thursday. must be a busy day for me, cos friday dah cuti and driving to penang. considering the constraints, better i just get from Floristika which like 10mins from my apartment rather than rushing to Petaling Street kan.

i'm going to DIY my handbouquet, and confirm - it's going to be RED ROSES..!

so cancel la dgn Nasz whom i asked to touch up my artificial tulip for handbouquet. hey, still not wasting cos i already got a BIG plan for those tulips. they gonna be the star on that day - thanks SSF for the idea, never seen any wedding done that yet *surprise*

for the love of green & white - orchids!

gerberas going for rm7/bouquet

eusthoma and err, friends? hahaha

make ways for roses, please!

Valentine's Day signature @ rm26

went to BSC to collect my hantaran dates. haiya, cute-boy-blessed-with-arabic-looking-and-superbly-speaking-English (fuh, panjang gile) entertain me last week takde lah pulak :P tepakse lah deal dgn brother Bob yang sombong itu, nasib baik dpt free testing lagi pistachio biscuits yang sedap ituuu. kalau tak, memang saya marah ye. and here's the sneak peek of my Bateel..

paper bag je lah dulu ..

classic white

another backdated entry, sorry..!

after like half day visit to Pameran Pengantin, we decided to check out bridal houses & wedding deco shops in Plaza Alam Sentral. Frankly, wedding boutiques in S.Alam are a little pricey than the rest part of KL/Selangor that you could find (Jln TAR, Kajang etc). But the bridal outfits that they offer for rental were mostly to-die-for, haish yummy! Few that i could name here; N'Flair, SheNadz D Wangga etc.

But the highlight of this entry is about this deco shop. Really really forgot the name, sorry!! Located at highest floor kots. A go-gaga-over place for those in love with English concept.
Snapped some piccies, ideas sharing for wedding deco (room, maintable, mini pelamin etc)..and yes, all WHITES..cos i'm so loving white...!!

classy white pelita

long, sleek pelita

white mini candle stand for maintable, perhaps

something for your mini pelamin..?

and jeng jeng jeng....i found something that my bestie Lion was looking for. English white tray!! weehooo selling at rm19 (small) and rm29 (medium) one...!! Way cheaper than Semua House; rm29 & rm39, huh.

wedding scrapbooking!

MPH & Kinokuniya have been my fave spots lately.
And i've been there for 3 days in a row - and not less than 2 hrs for each!
Reason? Hello, whereelse in this world you could get FREE reading on ANY topic of your interest?? Nak2 wedding book/ref yang super expensive tuuu...

But this time around, i'm not just looking for wedding free reading :P
I'm planning to scrapbooking my engagement journey, so here's what i found..

Darn sweet :)
But that was the last piece left, with some part of it has been torn, huh vandalisme..!I was asked to check back in 2 weeks time for newly ordered stocks. ouh, ok..!

Feb 7, 2009

cheap glass containers

Darlings from Sher

if you're looking for cheap vases or glass containers for your flower / deco, try Kedai 5 Ringgit @ Midvalley.
Suggestion for :
- room deco
- bedside table deco
- side of your mini pelamin
- hantaran
- kenduri table centrepiece takyah la..cam tedious je & after tu nak buat ape container byk2 ehhe

if flower arrangement is not your thing, you might opt for water fillings with perhaps some floating mini candles & flowers :) but this would only suitable for wide open surface like below :

modern dowry

found this while surfing the net.
it's dowry being customed into couple butterflies and framed..
something new, and something cute too :)
kalau mas kahwin rm22.50 boleh la nak biar je dlm frame lps kahwin, kalau yang beribu2 mcm mane?
desire & practicality is a complex relationship *sigh*

his Kimie Kajang's ready for pick up

we went for fitting today. dotty's baju melayu mmg sgt kemas & fit him nicely - so his was ready to be brought home. since i've ehem, lost another weight, mine need some further fitting *wink*
some beading work need to be done too at my neckline, i need an extra layer... i'm a lil upset since they cudn't find my dying rosegold bead to match with the dress. instead, they replaced with peach & silver beads which for me err, a lil-bit-off. a big, stunning brooch would help perhaps?

anyway, Kimie & Umie were very helpful in assisting my needs :) i had my eyebrow done at his place too, since yesterday's threading was done at a very kelam kabut mode in Ampang Point grr.

so, all the best for coming Tuesday!! phew.