Feb 1, 2009

to-do list for today, fuh

it's Federal Day and again........another HOLIDAY!! yahooo.

my to-do list for today :

1) sms my aunt to order Patchi for dotty's hantaran. she can get extra discount on top of inflight shopping price hehe..
2) buy dates for my hantaran at BSC. to mr. dotty - Patchi is soo typical. tak boring ke....?
3) check with Dinigifts on besties doorgift delivery. kate dah hanta?
4) check with Aisram on cuppies box delivery. Azura nak extra 1 box for sample to her future customer.
5) meet Nasz to pass out hantaran stuffs by noon
6) appoinment with D&P in Mvalley to resize my engagement ring. harap2 free lagi la..
7) sweets for additional doorgift to kiddie. cuppies not enough since expected guests around 100..
8) call Baby/Ijad to request for stairs deco FOC bley..?
9) confirm with aunty on our convoy this 13th.
10) 2hrs-boring-daily-routine @ gym *yawn*

last but not least, my to-do before sleep - TO FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM AGAIN, AND CHERISH EVERY MOMENT OF IT.

fuh penat..but i'm enjoying it :) (Picking some, oh love tune.... L.O.V.E. by Joss Stone)

anyway, lots to update and yes, more backdated entries to comeeee!

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The Journey.. said...

sama-samalah kite membuat checklist. hahaha...