Feb 7, 2009

cheap glass containers

Darlings from Sher

if you're looking for cheap vases or glass containers for your flower / deco, try Kedai 5 Ringgit @ Midvalley.
Suggestion for :
- room deco
- bedside table deco
- side of your mini pelamin
- hantaran
- kenduri table centrepiece takyah la..cam tedious je & after tu nak buat ape container byk2 ehhe

if flower arrangement is not your thing, you might opt for water fillings with perhaps some floating mini candles & flowers :) but this would only suitable for wide open surface like below :


nurul aziyana said...

very gud idea..nica n romantic

eli said...

jimat lagi duit ku ini....

Anonymous said...

hi there. guess what? i have been reading ur blog whole day since yesterday(dr pg- mlm). really like ur tips and points. guess u like me too, searching for ideas and able to cut cost here and there, but still want dream weds :), anyway enough chatting/ commenting frm me..congratulations on ur engagement :)

Ladynoe™ said...

yeap. memang suka beli pasu murah macam ni, then letak water plant. lepas tu bawah dia bela ikan. sungguh comel.