Feb 10, 2009

engagement wear

my engagement chiffon is readyyy........... *winkkkk*
pretty much satisfied this time, only after Umie extended those neckline beading & making em a bit thicker :P dotty sent his father's kain for baju melayu tooo, a very last minute request and Kimie had no problem to get em ready by friday noon...best kan?

Kimie giving his final touch...

i would personally recommend Kimie Kajang. Affordable rates & professional. Except, yes there's always an exception. He's soooo not used to call the customers hahaha. Imagine, my kain was sent to him on Jan 7th, but nothing started until CNY since he thought that i'll be coming to see my new lining that he bought first before he proceed. Mane tak panic since just 2 wks ++ left mase tu.

And we set the appoinment right after, to be like 9pm. Told him that i was already on the way and you taulah pj - kajang bukan nye dekat, so i sampai around 9.20pm. And he's already CLOSED. my fault la at the first place, but i already let him know yang i dah on the wayyyyy waaa. Dier tak call plak tu before nak close, adei frust btul la sbb dtg dah le jauh kan. So bride-to-be, yes i know frequent follow up is annoying to some, but i believe you should than be sorry later ok?

And be sure to let the details written in his book. Like mine, he forgot that i requested for neckline beading. Esok nak amik then baru tau dier lum wat beading lagi, aaa? Sempat ke? Luckily staffs dier mmg wat keje cepat, so beading siap in just one night, phew!!!

And one thing about Kimie, he's very helpful in assisting your needs, and of course, always with smiling face. Service mmg gile cepat, tu psl dier relax je even deadline like 2wks je lagi haha. And last but but not least, his bubbly personality make you always feel welcomed to his shop :)
That's all i could share about Kimie Kajang ..

Anyway, mom called and requested a change to hantaran. Nine West heels to manisan/any foodies.I was so pissed off!!!!!
Firstly, it is HIS hantaran - something that mom shouldnt interfere with!
Secondly, it was last minute request - sape nak accept last minute2 tempahan???
Thirdly, it's bcos of adat than the practicality of having the heels over the foodies argh!!!!

And that night, we rushed to Bateel BSC which about to close another 5 mins.
Luckily the Turkish Delight still available and dah siap decoration. a big relief, then.


farahanna said...

sis bleh tunjuk pic baju 2 besar skit x? x clear la..sorry ye..
i ingt nk g kt kimie gak~

-yanie- said...

range harga baju u tu dlm berapa?
boleh share?

aEsHa aEsHly said...

aah la .. i pn nk tau brape range harga bju kalo tempah kt sane.

[ Hanie ] said...

iskk 2 hari lagi? hehe excited nye!

Semenda Rasa said...

Hello dear,

Feel free to visit our wedding boutique blog at http://semendarasa.blogspot.com

Thanks sweetie

hidden.wing said...

hi fara,
nanti after majlis i tunjuk yg besa punye..tak surprise plak ;)

for those interested to know on Kimie's rate,kindly leave your email add k :)

Anonymous said...

i'm interested to know kimie's rate for wedding dress.pls email me at fatinizzatizamawi@hotmail.com. thanks

Anonymous said...

hi. nak tau kimie's rate :)

Zie said...

Hye, bole share with me kimie's rate? I'm planning to get a suit & baju melayu done for my fiance. Kimie bole tailor suit x?

email me: zie.azhar@gmail.com


yaya said...

Hi, sorry tetiba muncul di sini..nice blog anyway =D

Could you pls email me kimi's quotations on baju kurung/kebaya(solemnization) with beaded and also for baju melayu? If u have rate by dzul de classique pn I'm interested to know. tq dear.


veesakura said...

hi,me pon nak tau jugak rate kimie kajang utk chiffon beaded. wat baju kurung moden.tq ya.. dolphinvee_winter@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...


I also agree with you..met kimie kajang and he's so friendly and he make good suggestion according to our body..i really hope mine turn out very well..btw..nice blog..