Feb 4, 2009


alhamdulillah, i'm done with the interview. their HR told that only 3 candidates were shortlisted for the interview, and i was the 2nd candidate. one thing that i could wrap here, the interview did NOT turn out well, really. nothing much to hope, so let's just wait for the result next week. by the way, their perks were hell attractive. one of it : fuel & parking allowance rm700 p/mth bleh? my co yg own that klcc pun xde nak kasi parking free tau for staff, apetah petrol? *grumpy*

anyway, mum called 2 days ago. she didnt like my chosen engagement bedsheets. neither the
newly bought Aussino nor the Jean Perry yang simple dan dah agak worn out itu huhu. instead, she rent the bedsheet from bridal house nearby and err, it's YELLOW! you read it right baby. not sure how it will fit my peachy pink theme, but i'm freakingly praying it WILL haha.

playhouse bed for barbie kot ni...

sempat lagi my mum tanye pasal pelamin cos the bridal lady suggested mini pelamin yang duduk atas bantal tu. i politely (sangat lah) refused cos tanak nampak all the bulgy tummy haha alasan baik punye kan? btol pe. mum offer to rent nicer bench cos she didnt like the bench that we have at home. no need to bazir lah bu, just use our bench okay? mmg lah a bit klakar cos bench tu panjang sgt...but to put another hundreds for another bench, hmm i dont think so ;)


Dayu said...

sometime mak kita ni excited terlebih kan...
luckily my mom tak banyak hal
semua dia setuju je

dia nak yg terbaik kan untuk kita
tp tu lah..bila selera tak sama
susah jugak

hidden.wing said...

hehe tul tu dayu.
ikutkan je la kan..?