Feb 19, 2009

february bride

dotty gave me his usual goodnight call before going to la-la land.
and the goodnight call came with something unexpected. wedding date proposal. ha?

his father insisted for February 2010, the one and only month where all his siblings will be in Malaysia since 3 of them studying abroad. and it's like less than a year now..?
we used to dream on february wedding too, but for some reason we postponed to later months e.g. Oct onwards..and the moment we cancelled it, my bestie interested to have her wedding on 6th Feb (her bday) and groom reception on 14th Feb. ooooooopss.
i dont want another bride wars. i asked my bestie once again to confirm her date before i re-proposing my february wedding, and im willing to hold it for her seriously.
"i'm not getting married in feb. i know that was your dream date, to get married on your anniversary right..?"
silent. i'm so speechless. if i could say something - dear i no longer mind the date. it can be after yours if you still want to get married on your bday *tears*
and the fact that V day will be another super expensive flowersssss just again turned me off ok :P so honey, i seriously didnt mind not getting married on that 14th ya?

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