Feb 25, 2009

wedding @ tiffany's...

tiffany theme canopies!
beautiful, but i dont dream such lavishness.
not to that extend of tiffany ribbon covered chair of course.
i just need at least that tiffany scallop to live up the theme. at least.
and talking about Penang canopy supplier/caterer, berapa ramai sangat la yang ade color ni eh...? ke takde?


dialicious said...

u in penang ke dear?jauhnyer..
At first my wed theme color was supposed to be this tiffany green jgk..sweet sgt kan..tp i takot nanti sedara2 dtg pakai turquoise coz sum ppl cant diff tiffany color rite so I decided to change it to soft blue..not baby blue or light blue but blue lilac..but still..quite hard to find the exact color..huhuh..But lets say,if u want that tiffany color for ur chair cover riben u can request from the caterer..just add extra 50cents 4 them to buy the new kain :)

Dayu said...

kalau u nak gak
mungkin derang boleh sediakan
tapi biasalah..every request come with extra pay kan..

ye..ye..sila tkar ticker anda ke wedding ticker ye

hidden.wing said...

Diah, my side will be in Penang while his @ KL, but mostly yang mane bley angkut dari KL tu I usahakan la. Like pelamin, caterer tu mmg tak bley watpe da uhhu!
U’re right, difficult sikit to get everything in tiffany..like bunge pahar tu I redha je la kalo they turn out soft blue/green hahaha.
I don’t really worry on covered chair tu, cos I don’t think there’ll be any cover at my side. Kerusi plastic togel je kut kuang3.
Yours blue lilac? Wow, cemane tu eh? Since it’s your taste – surely a NICE & FAB one!! Keep sharing dudette…!!

hidden.wing said...

aah dayu, yang customize always comes with extra cost. tension kan?