Feb 26, 2009


I heart Thailand ever since our trip to Phuket last year. Beaches & their warm hospitality definitely to be remembered of :)

Since the trip was very very short one (which sangat2 tak puas), we thought of making a comeback, for honeymoon perhaps. With a bit diversion – to KRABI instead, just 2hrs boat ride from Phuket ehhe.

Bestfriends (of course with funny faces) asking, why not Europe? (As if AA & MAS effortless promotion didn’t ring any bell to my ringgit sense!) It can be as simple as I can’t afford it (even the super discounted tix), and no offense – Europe honeymoon is cliché and so overrated hehe. I’d rather spend for autumn in Korea if I’m blessed with extra cash. Unfortunately, I’m NOT!

Asian too indulged with many beautiful places for honeymoon. Bali has been favorites to many, including me. But last year alone, 3 newlywed besties had their honeymoon there and we kept listening to same story of Kuta beach to Nusa Dua to ubud to painting to Balinese massage. Takkan I nak repeat same story lagi kan...?

There comes the KRABI thingy. And AA fly to Krabi tooo, so we can expect cheap promo tix sooooon. Typical beach vacation, so the to-dos not that much differ from Bali. Island hopping, snorkeling, sea kayaking, beach massages, sunset dinner, cultural & transvestite show to as silly as elephant trekking and horse riding. Can opt for scuba diving, ATV, water rafting, rock climbing for more adventurous honeymoon :P

Just a little extra to request, if the cash permit hihi – cruise & sunset dinner on traditional Chinese junk. Not that overwhelming to you – I know, but for me quite a lifetime experience cos mane nak cari tongkang tgh2 KL ni hehehe.

We too thought of Boracay Island Philippines but the need of connecting flights was a big turn off. Risk of delayed flight, missing the next flight, stranded and paying another bucks for next flight is horrifying, especially on honeymoon. NO.

Just a little advice – Always keep the SPF handy.
And not to forget, those beach activities ONLY recommended for those having their honeymoon after both sides kenduri settle ya. If not, expect the sun-burned bride in your forever wedding album ;)

p/s : coming MATTA Fair 13-15 March 2009!!


Reena said...

same goes 2 me, ramai yg pegi bali...it is good both of you already plan where to go for honeymoon. Matta fair is around da corner,brides2b kena serbu ramai2..mayb ada byk good promo there.

hidden.wing said...

mine still a long way to go Reena ehhe :) Hope you find yours too @ coming MATTA fair !

anil lutaze said...

coming matta fair kat mana ya?

hidden.wing said...