Feb 9, 2009

calming the jitters

February, a month of LOVE.
With this whole romantic mood & sorta calming the jitters of my coming engagement, i decided to drop by Floristika Bangsar with my sis today whee. it's a wholesaler of fresh flowers and i must say, the place is soooo heaven!! cos they have all my forever favorites - gerbera, calla lily, hydrangea, peony, eusthoma, carnations and oh, the list just keep going *grin*

dont bother to ask me any comparison with freshy in Petaling Street cos honestly, i have no idea on the pricing. considering February is the month of most expensive any roses could be isk, so to be getting rm26 for 20 stalks of those stunning red roses i consider cheap kot? no? roses petals going for rm10 per bag of half size of my arm. temptinggggg.

my engagement will be on Valentine's so i'm thinking of buying the fresh cuts by this thursday. must be a busy day for me, cos friday dah cuti and driving to penang. considering the constraints, better i just get from Floristika which like 10mins from my apartment rather than rushing to Petaling Street kan.

i'm going to DIY my handbouquet, and confirm - it's going to be RED ROSES..!

so cancel la dgn Nasz whom i asked to touch up my artificial tulip for handbouquet. hey, still not wasting cos i already got a BIG plan for those tulips. they gonna be the star on that day - thanks SSF for the idea, never seen any wedding done that yet *surprise*

for the love of green & white - orchids!

gerberas going for rm7/bouquet

eusthoma and err, friends? hahaha

make ways for roses, please!

Valentine's Day signature @ rm26

went to BSC to collect my hantaran dates. haiya, cute-boy-blessed-with-arabic-looking-and-superbly-speaking-English (fuh, panjang gile) entertain me last week takde lah pulak :P tepakse lah deal dgn brother Bob yang sombong itu, nasib baik dpt free testing lagi pistachio biscuits yang sedap ituuu. kalau tak, memang saya marah ye. and here's the sneak peek of my Bateel..

paper bag je lah dulu ..


The Journey.. said...

wah... i pon bagi chocs + dates fr bateel masa tunang ari tuh.

p/s : d guy yg u mentioned tuh yg kecik2, yg putih2 tuh ek?? hahahhahaha...

aurinh said...

floristika huh.. quite cheap too.. might go check there out later.
Thanks for the heads up :Dputsatic

hidden.wing said...

iye kimie, yg kecik2 and putih2 tu. you know him toooo...hahahaha!