Feb 6, 2009


we fight over the phone again. it's the 3rd time for today ALONE.
he did something that i really hate to talk about here. i think it's too much.
and i no longer hide my anger this time. for that, he said i crossed the line.

and our engagement is just like, next weekend?

*very deep sigh*



farahanna said...

warghhh dah dekat x mo gado2 k

fizz said...

take care sweetie. that happens a lot.

hidden.wing said...

thanx ladies :)

[ Hanie ] said...

hmm...biasela tu. Dah bertunang...lagiiiiii byk dugaan. Rasa semua mcm tak kena :( Sama2 lah kite bersabar. Cepat2la mase berlalu..nak kawen! huuu