Feb 9, 2009

pinky-polka-dots favor

my 50 ordered cuppies were not enough for doorgifts. dotty's comrades suddenly becoming 40 and mom expected total guests for my engagament not anything lesser than 100. to add the cuppies is not possible due to Azura's now closing for Valentine's cuppy promo while Aisram not taking the short notice cos handmade box isn't a one night job, dear.

last resort : DIY!
bought another 50 pcs of pink & cream bakul jerami. (rm22 for pack of 25 pcs ..)
leceh la 2-3 biji sweets ni, so finally settled down with mini Toblerone each box, senang. (rm8.45 for pack of 16pcs)
since there were some leftovers of my potpourri mini jar last time, haa let's have that brilliant idea of tabur menabur the potpourris in the box together with the mini toble. apart from giving some artistic touch on it, it comes with good smell, toooo. *sniff*sniff*

and finally, ribbon-tie as finishing. with polka dots printing yeah!

baru siap 4 bijik dah sibuk nak blogging haha.
boringla ikat-ikat ribbon ni, haih.


my hidden stories said...

sangat comel ikatan reben itu...


Ladynoe™ said...

kombinasi potpuri dan coklat memang sweet, OK.

aEsHa aEsHly said...

comel nye!! kt mne beli bekas jerami tu. sooooo comel!

evyn4ever said...

cantik sekali..:)cute sangat!

hidden.wing said...

aesha, those boxes were from Plaza Alam Sentral. if it's too far, you can check out Klim Craft, Jln TAR. they offer rm25 for 25pcs ;)

aEsHa aEsHly said...

thanx for the info babe. luv!