Feb 2, 2009

Jln TAR outing & updates

i have tonnes to update, it's either blogging-marathon today or the day after tomorrow.
cos tomorrow i'll be busy preparing for my job interview coming Wed. O&G co from Canada but the position will base in Menara Citibank, next to my current office. heard lots about their good pay, but not sure how far is that good ? Try jelah, if ade rezeki insyaAllah. if not, take it as a good experience of job interview after 2.5 wonderful years of working right. hey i must be forgotten, this is wedding blog! so let's back to wedding stuffs..!!
Lion & myself went to place where Malaysian brides just cant get enuff with - Jalan TAR! The plan was to get remaining deco to get my porpourris done at SSF & of course, collecting my cheap cheap dangling crystal chain at Semua House.

Earlier we went to Euro Moda. Not for me. My darling Lion was looking for her engagement outfit finalllllly. The theme is Go Green, sounds so eco-friendly haha. The chiffon package was rm480 inclusive of 4m chiffon + 4m satin lining + 4m groom's satin. not bad.

She wanted full beading chiffon. Knowing her, she's simple type and suggested her for border chiffon instead. more elegant i think. and she was only convinced after series of try-and-error chiffon wrapping at her bods ngehehehe. further, we berjaye pujuk the indian SA to give us 5m chiffon in order to get full beading for leher, tangan, border baju & border kain. tips ye brideys, 4m seriously not enuff if you want full beading :)

and this is the chosen one.........

We got the baby flowers we're looking for at SSF. and some red petals for my bed deco. and my not yet done tulip bouquet weeehu!

after few hrs of our hardwork (Lion + me), this is how the potpourris mini jars turned out......... ya, not as pretty as what Mya did but for beginner boley la kan hihihi.

i'm listening to Aizat's Lagu Kita while writing this....another wedding song to be, perhaps :)


fizz said...

Chiffon package still ade eh. Just like what my bestfren bought for her engagement hantaran (nikah dress later). But unfortch, her MIL dok lipat la selotape la jahit la pin la and whatnots the chiffon to make the hantaran looked kemas and cun. Mmg cun. Tapi abih rosak kain tu sobs.

Anyhoo... I was wondering SSF tu ape sbenarnye. Selalu dgr org ckp tp tatau pon SSF tu katne and what they have to offer.

hidden.wing said...

SSF is like heaven of deco stuffs :)
you should pay a visit, everytime i pegi mesti rase mcm tanak balik cos cantek sgt hehehe.

SSF ade few branches. i slalu pegi yg Jln TAR punye. Kamdar on your left side, walk straight and u'll see a blue-colored building next to Umang-Umang i think.

You may want to check their webbie too :

Ladynoe™ said...

omg, even i tak gemar kan potpuri pun, bila tgok doorgift u ni, i rasa mcm nak je. hahhaha.


hidden.wing said...

noe, ni utk hantaran. kalau utk doorgift, mmg i x larat punye DIY hahaha

The Journey.. said...

cute gile petals in jar tuh!!

my hidden stories said...

serius...cantek sangat chiffon tu..

and my suggestion klo mau tgk SSF punye deco stuffs...lagi cantek2...g kat sri damansara (tepi jalan..mmr2 ke sg.buluh)..

pasti kamu nak bermalam di situ..

Dayu said...

cantik ur potpuri..
bunga2 tu comel...
had think of it for VIP gift
tp tak confirm lagi

the green chiffon is gorgeous!!!
tak sabar nak tgk u pakai

hidden.wing said...

yup Dayu, quite nice for VIP doorgift :)

green chiffon tu my friend punye lah....

xeea said...

i pun mcm noe, tak berape suke potpouri. tapi, bile tengok your DIY potpouri in jar tu, memang sangat cantek!

rasa macam nak mintak satu je. :p