Dec 13, 2008

ungranted wish

a little update on my crystal-chain-shopping.
i didnt manage to buy the crystal chain after a visit to SSF yesterday. reason? double expensive. rm14.70 per metre. i need like 4 metres which came about nearly rm60 whereas, this one wedding shop in Semua House was selling for only rm6 p/metre - for the very very exact crystal chain. rm24 and rm60 hellooo! but the shop said for plain-clear colored crystal was out of stock and need to tempah. for such price, i didnt mind of course huu.
i grabbed some stuffs in SSF, purely for engagement deco. i really like something that i posted about 4weddingku's mini jar & found one in SSF yeeha. DIY jelah for hantaran, ape lagi hehe.
enjoy the pics..!
potpourri mini jar in the making !

mini jar..remaining 4 masih berbalut hee..

candle to future being tied with glittery organza ribbon

silver ribbon for cuppies box

lil rose for mini jar deco


Mrs. Amie said...

selamat mencuba for ur DIY!~

hidden.wing said...

thnx amie, hopefully they turn out good heee..!