Dec 31, 2008

bride's bibles...

im suddenly in a very blossoming blogging mood. but without any specific entry in mind.

grabbed my sleek Samsung. finally. and these being snapped on impulse.
thought it would be good for today's entry. They're like bible for any bride; NOT necessarily a must but still a good one for reading or at least an eye pleasure. they get me excited on weddings, on and on without fail :)

...and they're from my last 9 mths' collection. stop judging as if im planning for wedding of the year, because honestly i am NOT. i'm just another typical bride - excited with the whole idea of celebrating the moment to be officially called as ONE with the other half. and similarly to you, im too expecting to find nice stuffs for my wedding without putting such a big BOMB to my wallet. ok. OUR wallet.

and these mag like a parade of DIY or even a cost-saving-copycat ideas ;) and ehem, magazines are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE item!

PESONA PENGANTIN, my monthly committed spending @ every 15th.
my-two-cents : Malay wedding need, lots to relate with.

RATU SEHARI, quaterly published
my-two-cents : Contemporary, up to date stuffs or should i say a high end Malay wedding ideas?

BRIDAL GUIDE (Msia), the old ones bought during wedding exhibition
my-two-cents : western in Malaysian way.

my-two-cents : a-la celebrity wedding. glamorous. not to my liking, really.

Others, once in a while wedding feature
my-two-cents : Nona paling best. when they say wedding, yes they talk nothing but ONLY wedding.
Seasonal collection
my-two-cents : think DIY. but some designs are way tooo outdated :P
Martha's . i only buy her past collection, much cheaper.
my-two-cents : sweet and personalized wedding ideas.
or newbies looking for great hue combination for wedding.

Specialist collection

my-twocents : only for serious interest. guideline in preserving, decorating wedding flowers - bride bouquet, flower girl's wreath, table centrepiece and all u name it. a very breath-taking.

Wedding Book, bought yesterday. again? *grin*

my-two-cents : just scanned through - featuring directory of Msia wedding related service providers, with some summary of their signature style/design. for rm19 price tag, boleh la.

if i could conclude, i love Malay or at least Malaysian wedding mag. they have lots for me to relate with, and of course those that your parents would agree with.

unlike western wedding mag, they featured lots of wedding gowns which is not to my interest at all. but honestly, westerners are good at choosing perfect theme/color in their wedding. those romantic-pastel looking really make me weak in my kneeees....


[ Hanie ] said...

haaaa? byk nyer koleksi! bolelah pinjam mane2 yg i termissed :D I kumpul pesona pengantin jer. Yg ratu sehari baru ade 2 hehe. Tp kan. in my case, suke je beli dan berangan2 nak tiru, tp bile dah sampai pd diri sendri, terikut pulak isk2 :P

hidden.wing said...

nak pinjam ye, boleh2 :)
i pun mcm tu, everytime beli mcm ade je yg nak copycat tp tau2 lah bile dh byk sgt idea yg cantik2 last2 i lost hahaha

haniazrina83 said...

gosh!!! i tot my bridal mags paling byk...u punye lg byk!!! tabik spring!! pesona pengantin tu mmg jadi ketagihan la..even dah habis bg hantaran pun still sibuk beli buku2 i just buy pesona pengantin, eh bridal issue, ratu sehari dan buku kawin artis eg ning n erra....