Dec 28, 2008

Enni & Syed @ DePalma

a big congratulation to my beautiful Enni & his hubby, Syed. the solemnization took place in Maluri Hotel while the reception was yesterday, in De Palma Hotel Ampang.
Hubby (who blessed with Germany's gen hehe) is dotty's close buddy back then in Uniten. Well, i should say Enni is now my colleague since we're in the same office of KLCC hehe.
Feel like writing out what i really really love about theirs last night......

1) Love the red & white theme
2) Love Enni's simple open-back dress. no tiara, nor veil but even GORGEOUS than we used to know (and love!)
3) Love Enni's hot red bouquet of roses
4) Love Enni's open-toe white heels
5) Love the not-so-deadly-romantic played English songs
6) Love Enni's funny faces during the menepung tawar
7) Love the fresh flowers by their pelamin. simple but very fulfilling!
8) Love the modern combination of red roses, carnations & calla lilies as the flower stands
9) Love the solemnization montage; Enni is still the chatterbox as always haha
10) Love the food, even it definitely ruining my diet :P



Dayu said...

yeah, sometime simple is the better
as what i'm trying to do
Less is More
tanpa veil dan tiara, mesti nmpak mcm baju dinner je kan
tapi kalau kena dgn gaya nya, mesti jadik lagi sweet

hidden.wing said...

betul tu, sokong2..!
maya karin pun still gorgeous without any tiara kan?

ein said...

OMG. This is so random! :) found your blog by accident and had been reading almost ALL your tips on wedding stuffs (getting married soon!! *stress*). Im the groom's sister friend. XD And ya! i love their crazy wedding songs too. Especially the french song mase cake cutting.

Anyway, thanks for your ideas. Helpful. *hugs*