Dec 29, 2008

you've got mail!

Few days left for 2009 to come, and it means i'm 25th-to-be this very early January. Check out my advanced bday gift from my fave jeweller, Diamond & Platinum.

RM50 voucher might be too little cut for jewellery purchase. But at least, you're sure enough not being forgotten on your special day, right? After all, that's the least a customer like me could ask - sense of appreciation :)

D&P made their tagline right; "small beginning comes greater things". Very very right.

And for D&P, thanks alot for making my day. Hope to have another yours on my long-to-go big day..


Dayu said...

sangat best..pasti u akan ke sana lagi kan.

hidden.wing said...

hi dayu,
pegi berkali2 boleh nk beli berkali2 mmg x mampu le...hehe

[ Hanie ] said... ;)

4weddingku.mya said...

I love D&P Too! Got my engagement ring there! Their design are simple yet timess and classy kan!!

hidden.wing said...

their SA too very helpful. and most importantly, no double standard AT ALL. each time we paid a visit, never a dissapointing one, if not the ring at least we brought back a new knowledge on diamonds. RECOMMENDED.