Dec 7, 2008

bridal house hunting

here i am, lying down with head spinning to blog what ive been through these 2 (tiring) days. oh btw, im now in my little hometown - penang :)

been promising myself that for this back-home trip, i really need to look out & choose bridal house for my coming engagement. to be frank, one day is soo not sufficient for myself to do this but what choice that i do really really have? anyway, thanks for my streamyx - save my effort quite lots. some bridal houses managed to be located & contacted for appoinment. just to share here, what i got from the appoinment & walk-in wedding survey, huh. i supposed to have my makeup testing by 2pm, so the idle time before being used to walk-in to those shops in kepala batas. 3 shops.

1st bridal
big bridal house, lots of bajus but i didnt quite like it mainly due to their shocking colors. from their album, they kinda specialized in gerbera-daisy deco but the service was damn expensive. the boss wasnt around, so the assistant keep giving the unsure look & "need to check with my boss 1st" reply and tu x campo lagi assistant tu start quoting ridiculous price...i'm so fed-up, urgh.

2nd bridal
very close to my place. the staffs are very friendly & the cheapest so far :) for mini pelamin, i can get about rm200 & makeup rm80-100. i saje2 showed the fresh flower hantaran samples from Man Kajang in mag & they quot me for like - rm550 for 9 dulangs. i considered it damn cheap cos the flowers are all around the dulangs, and to fall on Valentine's even!. they even offered me stairs deco for FOC. great.

3rd bridal
next door to 2nd's and owned 4 nyahs. the shop was very busy with bride running around for makeup & dressing up. interior kedai pun lawa, very tropical & dim light just making all the beads on the bride's dress look very stunning, illusi optik haha. they're too busy to entertain me, so i just made appoinment to return by 5pm. to cut it short, the appoinment turned out very well to me. the mini pelamin was a bit expensive than 2nd's but their passion in giving out their ideas just impressed me & i felt so appreciated :) we set appoinment for my makeup testing the next day yippie!! ..(will blog in next entry k)

reached home by 2pm for makeup testing with Miss J*****. Miss J was a bit late to my house, and the session took about 2 hrs. gosh! im gonna be late for my next appoinment with the 4th boutique! Ms J expected my to proceed with my appoinment with her makeup, and in fact offered to show me the way to that boutique. but, i was FREAKED OUT to see the makeup - tebal sangat. last2 i terpakse buat excuse to wait for my sis to let Ms J balik dulu rather than nak i ikut dier..padehal i nak sental my face dulu....waa. for Ms J, sorry - the smokey eyes, soft pink lippies were all fine for me but foundation/bedak tu quite thick ..but honestly, i love your personality - very friendly & funny. client surely tak awkward bile borak2 ngan dier :)

ok, next - the 4th bridal!
most popular one in penang, having like 5 branches and experienced in handling VIPs & celebrities wedding, including Datin Norjuma. the boss is nice, she came all the way from pulau to meet me yg ntah nak amik ke tak service dier hokey. for me theirs are quite pricey, cos for such price i can get even better delivery if in kl. in fact, they didnt even have fancy dulang/tray like in kl, haiya. for mini pelamin specified like above, they wanted like nearly 600. if u're kl based, i didnt mind such rate, but since you're not i chose to say it is expensive esp for an engagement ceremony. but still, i didnt blame them for putting such prices, they already 'built' their name here.

that's about it. tiring & still indecisive.


lin said...

hi there, may i know the exact location for that 2nd bridal house??

hidden.wing said...

drop me your email, thanks.