Dec 26, 2008

reminiscing memory - SAMURA

our beloved SAMURA :)

SAMURA front gate

i really love what we had yesterday...

dotty and myself drove all the way from kl to attend our bestie's wedding in Muar, Hafizul & Zura. Common thing that we shared with this lovely couple is both the lady & the boyfie are from Sekolah Menengah Sains Muar or SAMURA. i was sooo excited to know that we'll pass by our school during the trip .....something like reminiscing our memories back then in schooling (and oh loving) years.

this was how everything started. i used to admire my boyfie since my very first day - i was on the way to orientation while he was making his way to evening prep. i only knew that he was just opposite of my class after like 4 months, and from them on i pun curi2 lah nak tgk dier slalu basuh tgn kt paip dpn our class tu, haha what a stalker!! slow2 after tu, i knew his name and was again excited we belong to same house, the great great BESTARI! Oh ye, kat samura ni dorm/block arranged in 4 house : Bestari, Budiman, Pujangga, Sarjana and we only had form 4 and 5 je, best giler!!

Naik je form 5, our class dh sebelah2..need to pass by class dier dlu before smpi my class, so sempat lah skodeng2 dulu (slalunye x dpt pun sbb dier slalu masuk prep lambat haha...). i was a prefect last time, and one day tu i was on duty to check those yg lewat gi class. and he happened to be late again that day hokeh! so dari jauh lagi i purposely tunggu kt "susur gajah" tu, nak stop him and kunun2 amik nama dier la. time tu mmg buat muke garang la, yela kate pengawas tapi deep down only God knew betape excitednye sayeeee dpt tahu full name dier aritu tau hihihihi. dotty pun siap ingat that moment and gile x puas ati tu i jot down namer dier utk discipline record haha. nasibla...

last 2-3 months before SPM, suddenly his classmate missy "S" came to me and cakap dotty kirim salam. what?! mimpi ke ni??? but time tu i buat2 jual mahal cos classmates dier tu mmg known for suke2 main kn girl and this "kirim salam" thingy might be a trap huhu. rupe2 nye missy "S" yang spill to him that i minat dier (ntah cemane dier tau..) and the response was like, positive ehhe. i pun br tahu after tu that missy "S" used to admire my dotty, boleh?

our very first eye to eye was during Annual Batch Dinner, where we had our pics taken together. we exchanged numbers, and start SMS-ing quite a long while and it continued even after i masuk UTP. we never went for a date sbb jauh, and everything took place through the phone, including his proposal to seriously taking me as his GF. it was the best Valentine's day ever in my life, and our very first date adelah time amik result SPM kat samura. that's why samura meant so much to us :)

we went to bandar Muar thereafter, sbb i dh promised myself nak rase mee bandung Muar yg i x pnah try pun while 2 yrs in samura long time ago. mmg sedap sgt, lain yg i taste kat kl huhu. a windy evening and the town was very laidback - parents brought their kids and play kites, couples came over and have some rojak petis hmm, something that you couldnt find in KL! cos if in kl, couple normally dating in shopping complex and dining tu surely lah nandos lah, TGIF, chillis and all the fine one. i really love today's outing, bringing me back to my used to be childhood in small town of penang :)

after 7 years, lots of thing change in samura but not my feeling to him. it just keep getting stronger, walaupun our fave pau maharani dah xde kt depan sekolah tu hehe.

we somehow promised, that we'll make a return to Muar someday. perhaps after our few kiddies? LOL.
to dotty - thanks alot dear...


~ms tepung~ said...

aik ngape 2 taun kt muar xrasa mee bandung muar?

mee bandung kat muar mmg best sgt2..

kt kl walaupun dia tulis mee bandung muar sure xkan sama yg original...

hidden.wing said...

xde can lah cik tepung, dulu outing kejap sgt hehe. sedapnye smpi rase cm nak balik muar skang jugak for another round of mee bandung lalala~

butterbee said...

thats the nicest thing i heard today i just had the worst day everrr.

congrats on finding your other half. and semoga the wedding will be all that you want it to be.

bazlina from pj

Nad Nazira said...

ash..hehe..nad baru sempat nad trieve ur archive..and it was sooOo sweet. teringat balik kesah cinta dulu..kalau la yang my 'first puppy love' itu menjadi..tentu nad akan sayang samura macam u sayang samura. hehe. and he was bestarian mesti best kan ur feeling. :P