Dec 16, 2008

bench for mini pelamin

i always wanted a mini pelamin for my engagement. last time, i used to surf only on pelamin duduk, as i thought this type of pelamin is simple and yet sweet enough for engagement or even solemnization.

but not after my mom bought this bench :P itchy itchy thinking of having a bench during the sarung cincin (since it's free & available at my own home kan!) but it's tooo long, can fit 3-4 ppl kut, future FIL pun boleh duduk same sarungkan cincin hahaha.

i just need flowerstands on both side & a nice backdrop. and minus the red bantal on that bench of course - they're just wayyyy out of theme :P


m@Ri@ said...

em sweet..that 1 can be ur mini pelami..just add some deco n it done..

hidden.wing said...

thnx maria. wishing you the best too for your very very soon big day :)