Dec 20, 2008


earlier this week, dotty & me thot of getting Aussino bedding at their warehouse sale in SA. but we immediately cancelled it due to lots of bad feedback gotten in SNS web. for such price, the unhappy customers claimed can even got that in any Aussino outlet without having to sweatingly stuck in 2hrs queue-to-pay. gosh.

bought the so-called engagement bedding last night @ Ikano. at first, i thought of having a plain Jean Perry's comforter set with peach flower (sold at below rm200). but i already got the pink one few months ago, so it's like having 2 same design, no :P
there were few others being shortlisted, yang cantik sgt tu beyond our budget la pulak even after 30% disc huhu. other pretty designs just left with bedsheet only, no quiltcover. so finally, we ended up with the one below, Queen size with quiltcover & menepati budget below rm200 yeay.
i know the design was quite crowded for an engagement bedding. speaking on practicality, i still think it's a nice one for daily use later kan?


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