Apr 17, 2011

Sothy-ing Facial

I was first tempted to get myself a facial after reading Farah’s great experience at SKII. Last facial I had was 8 years ago, when I was religious to this famous D brand. Somehow the experience wasn’t good – extraction was extremely painful that each time I left with my face badly swollen until the next morning. Sigh. Only after 8th session I decided to stop and no more facial eversince; including for the big day. Ewww, I know.

Long story cut short, instead SKII, I finally booked my slot at 128 Faubourg Sothys a few days before our anniversary. There was 50% discount for first timers, good deal I guess knowing Sothys is generally expensive be it treatment or products.

I picked the one in BV2 for its convenience to my place. Like most first timers, I was earlier asked to complete some questionnaire before the therapist did the skin analysis and later suggestion on which treatment to go for. No doubt mine was oily and acneic, so Wednes (my therapist) recommend Correcting Facial (1.5hrs) to firstly treat my congested pores.

I was then ushered to Suite 3; a dimmed light facial room with soothing music as background. Changed to their tiny robe and slowly soaking my tired feet into the warm water for some foot massage until Wednes came to dry them off :) A pillow now placed under my knees with soft duvet around. What a nice beginning!

Wednes started with having me sniffed this lavender scent, known for nature’s aid to stress-relief before continued with scalp massage. As any double cleansing, firstly she removed my makeup with cleansing milk and later with foamy cleanser, except here they extend cleansing right down to my neck and upper chest :)

Next was the peeling cream. It’s the type of chemical exfoliant used in this facial to remove dead skin cells and very, very tingling! She then put Desquacream (one of my fave from Sothys line), emulsified and made circular movements for deep pore cleansing. Then I had steam machine placed upon me few minutes to open up my pores, this actually to prepare my skin for extraction later. I was already nervous this time!!!

Now the real pain *gulp* - extraction! Surprisingly, it wasn’t as painful as those years. I mean they still painful but very much bearable, unlike last time where I had to stop my therapist many many times to clear my tears. After the extraction, Wednes showed me my whiteheads that she managed to extract out – all nicely lined up on her palm! Banyak gile!!

Later, Wednes applied me clay mask which very common to oily skin to absorb our excess oil and dirt, apart from tighten back the pores. While waiting for mask to dry, Wednes slipped her hands beneath me and started giving good back, shoulder and neck massage :) Her hands must be really strong then to support my back hehe!

When the mask was removed, Wednes applied some toner and later used purifying serum to allow deeper skin penetration of congested areas. Finally the moisturizer and finished off with dabbing hot towel to my back accompanied with another generous massage!

I was then served with chinese tea & some biscuit, while Wednes made her routine to check my feedback on facial I just had. As expected, she tried to sell their facial package & products. I told her that i just changed to new skincare that the jars still had long mile to go...Luckily she wasn’t pushy, instead she offered me few Sothys samples to try first e.g. moisturizer, cleanser, scrub etc. I loved their Desquacream though. The usage only twice per week, I just couldn’t justify the need of having many cleansers in my skin regime just yet hehe..

Speaking of facial, for the price RM110 after 50% discount was worth it. Not only I walked out with no longer a swollen face, my face too finally had room to breathe! Hehe. Some more the promotion came with extra 30% discount for next visit and RM50 rebate for Sothys product!

Facial at 128Faubourg/Sothys is a bit luxurious to be made as routine. Cheapest they have is RM150 (normal price) for 1 hr deep cleansing facial. So why not save this promotion for special occasion; your big day maybe? :)

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Apr 11, 2011

map dewan siantan/melati putrajaya

For those requesting "simplified" map of Dewan Seri Siantan/Melati Putrajaya, here you go...please click on pic for better view :)