Feb 21, 2010

di airport

im at the airport with hubby.
sempat hello sabby just now since we're flying to same destination for honeymoon..yes people, she's beautiful! :)

dear readers, thank you so much for your doa & wishes. alhamdulillah, both majlis dah selesai...and for those yang datang.....thank you so much!! adat majlis, segala kekurangan both family & myself minta maaf ya...for recent majlis bertandang, pictures tak sempat amik from OP or even friends...for time being, boleh tengok at page fathiyah dulu ya hehehe :)

p/s : congrats to Sabby & Amy toooooo....i've seen the pics...gorgeous sgt!


alhamdulillah, WLT is officially a mrs. now :)

big thanks to SN for quick update in facebook,
bolehlah tgk gamba2 kat sini dulu hehe...

Feb 8, 2010


i'm heading to hometown next morning :)
with few days left, i dont think can afford anymore writing....

doakan yang terbaik for us & for those getting married this february..let's raikan cinta..and heartiest congratuations from me ;)

Feb 5, 2010

hari terakhir bekerja sebagai cik

thank you!!

i know it was unplanned & last minute, but to me, it's the thought that COUNTS :) Jom reserve parti buih untuk pijaaa!

p/s : tgh flashback korang layan lagu PISANG PANAS..siap rap tu?

Feb 2, 2010


ibu called to inform my makcik now planning to do me a mini berinai...i know ibu wasn't so keen, she's just respecting request from the elders. i love the one with light ukiran cos they look very pretty in pictures, but abah had earlier warned me only simple inai is allowed..so had to toss all my dream to have nice henna drawn to my hands.

my idea of mini berinai is only wearing the inai, kan? or is there anything else i should expect during berinai? hopefully the aunties wont request the tukar2 baju cos i'm not really into it..

i request the berinai to be on friday, 2 days before my nikah. becos i know a day before event sure pengantin busy dgn mcm2 last minute tasks & i better reserve that day for quick touch up of my inai je :)

my makciks will prepare inai tumbuk but i doubt the color is dark enough...i'll backup with inai picit, hmm wondering how many bungkus to buy? selain salotape & minyak cap kapak, anything else i should prepare?

pic credit to greenapple

Feb 1, 2010

deco & doorgift

yana & myself rushed to jb after our pre-wedding in genting (thx to mashelmy & faizal of CS), giving our last minute help & comfort to bff Lion's wedding. we reached jb by 2am & spent roughly 4hrs chitchatting with lion + sempat buat corsages before we left back to kl at 6.30am..i couldnt stay for her kenduri becos fiance's families buat wedding meeting during lunch and i had to be there for briefing. selamat pengantin baru Lion, cant wait for mini gathering of "thiangpulaukians" at your bertandang next week ;)

mas "the 27 dresses" (sebab dia selalu dipaksa jadi pengapit) accompanied me the next day to petaling street, cari lantern as advised by my decorator...found them, but colorful stock sgt limited - they're giving ways for CNY..so mostly on parade are classic red lanterns. we love the bright combo of blue-green, since stock tak banyak...we had to mix with pink, purple semua ada :P caca marba sudah canopy ku hehe...(planning to sell them off after event, if masih elok)

kemudian kami marathon pickup remaining doorgifts from my vendors. ibu last minute requested for paperbag....thanks to faizah ilikecard, we finally found place allowing paperbags printing in small quantity :)

she also did paperbox gift for my rombongan pengantin...the ribbons nicely tied...her work & finishing very neat, hence very recommended :)