Dec 7, 2008

2nd make up testing

my 2nd makeup testing @ 10.30am

this crazy bridezilla was having another makeup testing before heading to her bestie's engagement.
this time it was done by a nyah - Baby from 2nd bridal house. the session was done at his studio, very funny to see the lampu kalimantang used with half of it covered dgn kertas fluorescent color gold which according to him - help him alot in ensuring his make up turned out FABULOUS - hihihihi.

he told me that he previously worked in Butik Jedan (PKNS) before deciding to open his own. he even quoted that wife of this well-known VIP was her loyal client. his main is makeup, but for any tempahan for dress etc, he'll seek for some tailors in Jedan to do it. patutla dress2 dier banyak beads hehe.

the session finished in just an hour, with most of the time being allocated for the eyes. no smokey eyes, but still dramatic! very true, the makeup mmg very light but i didnt quite like the color applied as my base - a bit fair, as compared to my dark skin. commented to him, he was ok and we agreed for our next makeup testing to be in January..crazy betulla ini bridezilla..tunang jeeee oi.

next, alhamdulillah - my bestie's engagement went well. she got engaged to my ex, whose i didnt really consider an ex due to we were just 11 that time - so it did sound to me more of puppy puppy pupppppy love yikes! best betul my bestie, hantaran sponsorred by her abangs and kakaks and DIY lagi. rezeki anak bongsu, sooo tak aci hehe.


haniazrina83 said...

u must survey at makeup is fab!!! my fren informed me about emma...gud luck on ur tunang/wedding

hidden.wing said...

hi hani, the event will be in penang, costly lah to bring all the pros from kl :)