Dec 24, 2008

lovely cuppies garden

Typically, cuppies came in a transparent box and being tied with a big organza ribbon.
Not anymore. You can now say goodbye to that lame idea with something to try out like one above for your hantaran, esp for the fans of garden theme wedding. Menarik kan?

....inspired by Whizzcakes' wonderful masterpiece, The Garden of Eden.


4weddingku.mya said...

OMG! This is so sweeetttttttttttt ..

Anonymous said...

just came across ur blog, very interesting..
good luck in preparing for ur wedding:)
i'm getting married in march'09 in penang...would love to get and share some tips with you...
drop me an email at

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for recognizing and acknowledging my work and for that you have won yourself my holiday muffs (christmas theme) to be collected ASAP from me. Where do you reside? If I am around the area I will drop by and give you personally. If not you are welcome to fetch.

Write me

hidden.wing said...

so sweet of you, Whizcakes! to have a fave baker visiting mine already an honor, and to receive that cuppies really made up my day dear.
thanx alot, wishing you good luck in your business k :)
will try your cuppies someday!