Dec 18, 2008

wedding flowers

After like 6-months been eyeing her fotopages, we finally met our official hantaran designer. it was yesterday, and we were a bit late sbb sangat jam lah all the way from federal until jln pahang.

the discussion was a bit lengthy, not bcos of we're too fussy and all but most of it was due to fresh flower will be sooooo expensive on that day & we're down to a quite limited choice, especially for dotty's side who earlier insisted on using red roses. as for mine, i already made up my mind earlier on the wanted design and luckily, the design doesnt concentrate too much on expensive roses :)
deposit paid, and by now i think i should keep my mouth shut on hantaran until the pic speak by itself.

btw, i dropped by Kinokuniya to checkout some mag and this really really caught my attention....

the publishing kinda old (2004), but i still love 'em! perhaps i can DIY some hantaran or bouquet for my future wedding? ok ok, dreaming again right.

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