Feb 9, 2009

classic white

another backdated entry, sorry..!

after like half day visit to Pameran Pengantin, we decided to check out bridal houses & wedding deco shops in Plaza Alam Sentral. Frankly, wedding boutiques in S.Alam are a little pricey than the rest part of KL/Selangor that you could find (Jln TAR, Kajang etc). But the bridal outfits that they offer for rental were mostly to-die-for, haish yummy! Few that i could name here; N'Flair, SheNadz D Wangga etc.

But the highlight of this entry is about this deco shop. Really really forgot the name, sorry!! Located at highest floor kots. A go-gaga-over place for those in love with English concept.
Snapped some piccies, ideas sharing for wedding deco (room, maintable, mini pelamin etc)..and yes, all WHITES..cos i'm so loving white...!!

classy white pelita

long, sleek pelita

white mini candle stand for maintable, perhaps

something for your mini pelamin..?

and jeng jeng jeng....i found something that my bestie Lion was looking for. English white tray!! weehooo selling at rm19 (small) and rm29 (medium) one...!! Way cheaper than Semua House; rm29 & rm39, huh.


[ Hanie ] said...

heheh agree! kedai2 pengantin mmg agak mahal kat shah alam ni eh? :D Uiks...sgt cantik deco2 tu. Kt plaza alam sentral? kire tingkat atassss skali eyh?

elyina said...

nak tanye name kedai yang jual barang2 ni ek..cantik + murah plak..


hidden.wing said...

sorry sgt, lupe namer shop tu.
yup, kat tingkat atas skali :)

farahanna said...

enlish tray tu murahh lah.. nak beli gak!!!

Sha Pattinson said...

jatuh chenta dengan deco2 nih ..kat mane tue?mahal tak??