Feb 6, 2009

Pameran Pengantin - personal review!

i owed something. if not to you the bride-to-be loyal readers, it must be to my very own wedding blog. i didnt write anything yet about my last visit to Pameran Pengantin held at Plaza Alam Sentral . dah basi kan ehhe.
i didnt expect much, really. i just love to pay a visit to any wedding exhibition - just to get the latest trends in wedding & of course, the price range they could offer :)

this time around, my survey was more on catering & pelamin, hall deco for our God-knows-when majlis bertandang. Shah Alam is our preferred location since they could offer nice hall at quite affordable rental, and we also have shortlisted this one hall *wink* since it's majlis bertandang, we would prefer smaller crowd, about 500 pax. and preferred setting is seated dome-style, if within budget ;)

cheapest that we've got? rm25 p/pax not including kerusi & meja, cos the beloved hall dah provide meja & kerusi banquet best..best. we requested no deco at all by caterer. we planned the deco to be outsourced to only one designer together with pelamin - just to ensure everything synchronize with the theme. and theme doesnt limit to COLOR, okay. this is no joke, brideys - SYNCHRONIZATION is something to be assured of.
sorry, the only Debunga pic that i snapped!
Creative Element's Manek Urai

for pelamin, the choice was Debunga! love the elegant dark panels and they've great portfolio, too(not in their webbie). quotation pun boleh tahan la, selagi fits the budget kan hehe. oh anyway, pelamin from Creative Elements pun cantik, but tropical/nusantara signature just NOT my thing, esp for banquet reception - cos i'd rather spend such amount for more and moreee flowers hihi..! but for home pelamin nikah, yup tropical thingy is indeed nice one to invest, like below :)
Creative Element's mini dais
for baju pengantin, dotty boleh adore yang ni for his wear..? err, i told him (of course with teasing look) "well, if you dare enuff to wear this, you must be generous enuff to spend me any dress from Jovian or Cosry right.." GET IT? Synchronization, again. Oh btw, the outfit from Indonesian boutique, now opening her home-based in Subang Jaya. And the rest were part of her collection too. My Zafira got the quotation rm3.7k for 3 psg dress pengantin from that lady and she asked me the worthiness. simple. minus the akad nikah outfit, pls - cos the design's too much for nikah in our kampung, and lengan jarang2? honey, think about the nikah guests too, ya ;)
dotty's fave bling-bling outfit, huwaaaa..

Indonesian bridal dresses
more Indonesian dresses :P
i think i should stop writing. at least for this entry haha. enjoice!


The Journey.. said...

u can try suri catering kalo u nak utk dome style food. they offered the cheapest rate. trust me.

the food? yummy!!

Ladynoe™ said...

alamak babe, kecik sangat la ur photo here. terkebil-kebil i tengok.

eh, betul ke suri catering murah? berapa rate dia?

hidden.wing said...

qimie, i dah lame mintak quotation from Suri Catering on Emerald & Diamond package but no reply :( since u amik package dgn diorg, can share how much p/pax tak?

noe, sory i pn xtau la nape some piccies takley zoom. isk.

dialicious said...

hey..good info.actually i've been looking around for a seated dome style dinner as well and i've found the cheapest is at Lina bridal(mag pengantin iklan page)below rm20 with chair cover n riben and ct catering eventho they r quite popular,baru rm22 jer..food die sedap sgt.tp pelamin pun i rase debunga sweet sgt other than arma n adiputra(arie adie).Kak aida tu frenly kan..hehe