Feb 7, 2009

his Kimie Kajang's ready for pick up

we went for fitting today. dotty's baju melayu mmg sgt kemas & fit him nicely - so his was ready to be brought home. since i've ehem, lost another weight, mine need some further fitting *wink*
some beading work need to be done too at my neckline, i need an extra layer... i'm a lil upset since they cudn't find my dying rosegold bead to match with the dress. instead, they replaced with peach & silver beads which for me err, a lil-bit-off. a big, stunning brooch would help perhaps?

anyway, Kimie & Umie were very helpful in assisting my needs :) i had my eyebrow done at his place too, since yesterday's threading was done at a very kelam kabut mode in Ampang Point grr.

so, all the best for coming Tuesday!! phew.


farahanna said...

nk tnya kimie amik baju melayu sepasang berapa ye ?
and kurung moden kosong berape ?
if tambah manik berapa ?

hidden.wing said...

hi farah,
gimme your email add, will elaborate further k :)

The Journey.. said...

congrats in advance on ur engagement. im sure u r going to look beautiful on that day. dont forget to post the piccas ya..

farahanna said...

my email,


hidden.wing said...

farah, replied :)

thx qimie. hoping the same thing for your coming BIG day :) looking at your preparation, im very sure you will dear..!!

fizz said...

went there too on Saturday afternoon. and yeah... very happy with their PR. Tip top okeh! I bet your engagement dress will be a drop dead gorgeous one. Jgn lupe upload gambar byk2 tauh :D