Feb 18, 2009

the wishes

It’s my first day to office as a fiancé.
Whole dieting & daily gym routine is over, signaling that I can enjoy my yummy nasik lemak for breakfast peacefully hohoho

Reached my workstation, with handful of The Sun free newspaper and my fave nasik lemak bungkus, of course!!

Guess what’s on top of my keyboard?????

No, it’s not a card.

It’s an ENGAGEMENT CARD..! With whole lots of congratulations and nasik minyak thingy messages haha. Not forgetting Faizah’s msg on how silau her eyes will be nanti with all my new bling bling, cessss :P

To all my coooool colleagues, thanks for the card and the best wishes. Korang sangat sweet tau tak..?

The card will definitely be in my coming no-progress-at-all engagement scrapbook ehhe :P