Feb 28, 2009

it's another bestie........

me & girlfriends overnight at Shafaf's house yesterday to help her out on her engagement. we did the last minute flower arrangement for her bedroom deco & sirih junjung.

if i could wrap, yes it did turn a fab one and we soo love it! one thing that we love - the event was carefully planned, and mind you - most of em are DIY! Shafaf's mom is realll gooood when it comes to craft & deco thingy (so does Shafaf!). Hantaran, bed deco, mini pelamin, hand bouquet, doorgift were all by her mom & yes, single-handed while Shafaf did her own engagement makeover, too. superb.

let the pics tell you the rest cos i'm so out of words..!

with her DIY bouquet

nicely done pelamin - hot sweet pink!

sirih junjung & beautifully decorated hantaran

simple bed deco, our flower arrangement tersorok la :P


Dayu said...

buat sendiri lagi bermakna kan
hasil tgn sendiri
kalau dh mmg berbakat
tak yah nk upah2 org

hidden.wing said...

more meaningful, puas hati & cost saving ehhe :)