Nov 17, 2008

cupcakes for darling buds

cupcake box for hantaran

cupcake box for doorgift

with pink/peach + green

pink/peach + whitey

cuppies are HOT now!
and for that reason, i've ordered some cuppies for engagement hantaran & doorgift !
the hantaran cuppies to be made by Hey Cupcakes as i really love Azura's detailing in coming up with cute & adorable lil cuppies. for doorgift i decided to order from sugarbuds as it's in my hometown, so can save some space in my car haha.

i'm about to finalize the cuppies design, too many cute design from Hey Cupcakes sampai dah rambang mata nak yang mane hihihi. my theme would be peach, with a mix of soft pink. for cuppies, i think i should divert sikit color tu cos both peach & pink are soft color, nanti nampak pale sgt pulak :P

design atas tu ok x, the green would make it livelier i think..yes, it's from Hey Cupcakes too!

packaging pun alhamdulillah dah jumpe, nice handmade boxes both for hantaran & doorgift. just nak confirm kan size cuppies betul2..


little miss kechik said...

i luv cupcakes.. but in the end i couldn't have it.. although how carefully i planned it. sigh. sedeh. but my wedding cake turn out fabs. m sure ur cuppies will be the highlight babe!

hidden.wing said...

yelah kechik, your tiffany cake was a headline, was it from 4weddingku? not too forget la, your lovely Indonesian-inspired dress, me soo envy ihiks!