Nov 12, 2008

Nine West or Hush Puppies?

another tips for hantaran gift-hunting : WAREHOUSE SALE.

dotty & myself went to Metrojaya Warehouse Sale in Midvalley - mainly to look out for great bargain on dotty's perfume set (since i have another 2 free dulang slots haha). for men, the choice not that overwhelming, so we decided to go for bathset as cheaper option :P i just managed to get 75ml Esprit for rm96..quite cheap for that "ml" i guess?

ok this was actually the headline..........Nine West, Hush Puppies now going 70% !!
How can get you get out without buying one?? But hey, i got both hihiii.....all came with glittery diamonds..Believe it or not, the total not exceeding rm150 *big grin*

So i'm asking - are you tempted now??

Black or ginger strappies. Yang mana satu akan dinobatkan sebagai ratu dulang hantaran haha..

Btw, dotty still got nothing for hantaran kuang3.

moral of the story : sales, shopping & women are undefined relationship. if the girl said they're checkin out some bargain for her boyfie, expect to see her ends up with HER stuffs more than yours.

sounds familiar, readers? you judge ;)

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