Nov 17, 2008

bridezilla cardio

i need to lose 10kgs (at least) before I could comfortably send my engagement dress to the tailor.
here i am - back to gym after 6 months of lazy-ing at home and no more TV3's Akasia series haha.

pushing myself for 400 - 500kcals p/day. already 2 weeks, and i'm about to start feeling the looosing (perasan..!). betul, seluar dh rase cm longgar2 sikit jeng jeng jeng..malas nak timbang cos i knew the early week is muscle gaining period, so by right my weight shudnt show any reduction.
ok, here's the math :
  • treadmill - 20mins, 160kcal
  • stepper - 10mins, 160kcal
  • crosstraining - 24mins, 180kcal

i'm left and a half month..? gulp.

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