Nov 6, 2008

pink affair

"shafaf & the whole pink affair"

my faraway bestie, shafaf has kirim for wedding lacey during my last trip to jakarta. since it was a very very short trip, i couldnt spend much time to look for beatiful lace (sorry dear!) as i was busy searching kebaya for business. but i damn admit, those laces in jakarta were so damn cheappp..but most of the time not to my liking?!

shafaf's earlier request was -- it must be purple, and lace. and nak manik2 jugak kalau boleh huhu.tanak mahal2 cos it just for engagement...ok ok, i'll work with your budget dear :)

i have my rule of thumb in choosing kain, especially when it comes to your very very own special event in life.

i dont really like lace, except for wedding reception.i'm more on heavy beaded chiffon for engagement. so let me list my humble rule .....

1st rule : beautiful lace is never easy to spot, especially if they're in gulung2 need to open it, match as many possible with your satin linings before you could finally say YES. sometimes, if you're not choosy enough, you might end up with "hooker" lace (design & material a bit rough)

2nd rule : play extra careful in choosing your purple. purple can easily look cheapo, except royal purple. it's best to go for pink-purple, to bring up the sweet & romantic idea hihi

next day, me & maa went to Maya Silk in Semua House & spotted this lovely lace which i thot would suit my shafaf. she still insist on purple rather than pink. i took the purple lace, but still maintain the pink satin to ensure the purple flower bold enuff..i took few pix of 3 combinations, just in case she changed her mind hehe..

as expected, she admit the pink lace with pink satin is the best & decided for change..yeay!!

so to shafaf, i've tried my best to work with your budget & hope you like this pinkish lacey as much as we doo.....wishing you the best for your engagement and..........lets get bz for your big day!!

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