Nov 27, 2008

Uncle Shah

dotty & myself had our late supper after his kenduri doa selamat for his uncle & aunty who'll be leaving for Hajj tomorrow. dotty met Dato K during the kenduri, but hardly recognized Siti Nurhaliza due to her 'difference' in appearance.. apela my dotty, she's a datin now, of cos la dressing no longer the same as her young, innocent artist dulu hahaha..

while sipping my coffee, dotty said the "wakil" to discuss with my side during the engagement has been appointed! and to my surprise, the guy is not even his relative - just given by the name of Uncle Shah. and that was his father's choice, err but why? dotty replied "he's good at pantun-memantun, kan u nak main balas2 pantun nanti, u nak 20 kerat pun bley tauu hihihi" cisss.

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