Nov 27, 2008

3 things yesterday

3 things happened in a day

1) my parents leaving for their Hajj
- sad one, i know i shouldnt but i just cant hide it esp when seeing my lil sis
- what i should be doing right now is praying for Haji Mabrur to my parents & Allah permudahkan each and every way for them to complete their ibadah, insyaAllah

2) my newly bought Vios ready to be picked up
- dotty & myself went to sbg jaya showroom, passing my trade-in old kancil for this new Vios. camwhoring with new car, tapi sikit2 je cos still not in the mood huhu

3) sugarbuds has confirmed they cant bake my cuppies doorgift
- hmm, takde rezeki nk taste Kak Wan's cuppies. tepakselah save some space in my car to bring cuppies all the wayyyy from kl. tak best kan?
- to confirm with Azura from Hey Cupcakes for additional order. waa mesti dier bising sbb nanti she'll be busy with Valentine's cuppies ayayaya..nak jugak hehe!


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