Jun 9, 2008

lovely chiffon veil

2008 is the year which i cant get enough of Jln TAR. Suddenly it became so addictive & irresistible - oh am i becoming shafaf? haha.

went to Jln TAR once again, looking for the best piece of selendang/veil to match my peach engagement kain. forget ALINAS, none of their offer suit my interest (they dont even have french lace for god sake). entered Maya, the lady was very helpful. after an hour, she managed to find plain chiffon with exact color as mine and offered to custom-made the veil for RMxxx. The charges quite expensive compared to the "chances" & "frequency" of usage after the event hehe. i told her that i'm going to look for the ready made one, if none match to my kain only then i'll decide to custom-made.

walked through Gulati's, still no matching. but i found something - exact peach chiffon beaded sold at Gulati's. u guess the price k, absolutely i'm not gonna reveal it here but the price that i bought was very much cheaper and yes, i'm talking the same quality here. (smiling)

finally i went to Jakel, and once again i tell you - it never dissapoint me! i got those ready made chiffon selendang. a heaven made with pinky-peach color.lovely!! another reason to smile today, right?

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