Sep 5, 2009

MATTA fair 4-6 Sept 09

fiance & myself rushed to MATTA fair this morning, we didnt spend long since we already target this one tourism booth. booked this 4-star hotel for our honeymoon, normal price for superior room is rm550/night. but this fair is offering package rm275/pax for 3D2N including return airport transfer, choice of dinner/massage and choice of one excursion :) and we only top up rm100 for each extra night, cool kan?

those honeymooning until Oct ni mmg best lah since it's low season...imagine rm750 nett for 4 nights package for 2 pax! since Feb is the peak season (in fact it's the best month to visit this place for their nice weather) so we had to pay extra surcharge skit, but still cheap compared to guaranteed-lowest-rate found on net.

cheaper hotel pun ade, but they mostly came with modern interior while us, prefer room with some touch of their culture and heritage. and this is best we could afford :)

since they couldnt discount any further, they agreed to upgade us to Suite (98sqm) with seaview, double the size of superior room (50sqm) f.o.c. =) tried some free massage too, tak sedap langsung dan sakit ;P

we then went for furniture hunting. our house is scheduled to complete coming december, but we decided not to move in walaupun closer to my office. im pretty comfortable renting at current place for convenience of free reading at MPH midvalley, LOL ;P so we'll furnish my rental place and today we looked out for affordable living room set. below is my fave catch among all..murah je hehe..

bantal-bantal kecil tu pun percuma hehe!

kemudian bergegas ke TR sunway for berbuka session with my samurian besties, Lion & Wesz :) it was great to catch up with each other again and yeah, i won the rib marathon again Wesz, enjoy your daddy-to-be life!

p/s : Shafaf, we wish you were there ;)


Fatt.Nazz said...

u dlu samura student ke?
same la plk kite...i ex-samura jgk..hehe..

Mrs Zamzuri said...

the sofa set!!! i lovee iittt!! kakak ipar punye pon design ala2 camtuh..

*bila la saya nak dok uma sendiri nih!*

hidden.wing said...

u which batch fatt? i spm 2001 hehe :)

qimie, i suke tang glass holder tu je haha..syok bersantai bersama laptop. ala qim, service apt u tu gojes mengalahkah rumah sendiri dah hehehe!!

sweet cravings said...

dear.. i heart the couch so very muchh! :P and sgt jeles dgn deal honeymoon kamu! heheh.

hidden.wing said...

mira, couch ni quite small actually sure parents bising je nanti..but ni je yang termampu sekarang hihik!

timing my honeymoon tu ade drawback sikit. crowded with mat salleh tourist and sure all excursion akan markup price :(

dell @ Marryme said...

bestnya dpt pegi matta fair. im still on long mc leave. tak berani nak jalan2 banyak lagi takut tak betul2 recover. sedih jugak sbb dari dulu lagi i tunggu nak pegi matta fair hari ni.

tapi takpe. next year ada lagi, in march. so kena prepare duit banyak2 dari sekarang :D

[ Hanie ] said...

adoi, tak sempat nak ke matta fair rase malas menyelubingi diri waktu itu huuu. bile bace entri ni, rase rugi sgt tak pegi! uhu

dialicious said...

bestkan matta fair coz tak ramai org!!u grabbed which tourism co ni?i bought hotels in msia je semuanya.hehe..murah2.
cop..ur wedding is on valentine's day nx yr rite?so after wedd can move in to the new hs la..bestnyee sofa tu!!!

Zara~AB said...

babe, i macam tau u jek u drop by kat which booth tue! since u did mentioned that u did tried the massage. wasnt it Thai Tourism Booth? hehehe. i was there as well. i took a package from one of the resort there as well.

BuTtErFlyInFraMe said...

amboii cepat yee book honeymoon :)

hidden.wing said...

yeap dell, fair ni twice a year. my booking pun based on survey done from last matta fair in march hehe! long mc? hmm, sakit ape..? praying for your speed recovery :)

wah hanie, for next honeymoon kah hehe..mcm br je lg kamu bercanda di pangkor ;D airasia now on promo, bolehlah checkout :)

fuh, banyaknye your vacay diah! i pegi booth thailand, promo price still same mcm last march hehe..i sewakan je my new hse tu, malas nak pindah2 brg :P

yeah zara :) dulu i dah penah pegi phuket, tak puas cos kejap sgt..saje making a comeback, tapi divert sikit to other part of thailand hehe!

alena, deposit for booking murah gile..tu yang overexcited hahaha! but AA go holiday promo now pun not bad, murah jugak :)

Sobby said...

eh babe, u budak samura batch spm 2001 ek? agak2 kenal tak my ex schoolmate, Nadya Suria and my ex bf, Abdul Rahman Yusmadi? :p

hidden.wing said...

kenal :) rahman my head during our prefect dayss

Yaya said...

Hi dear,

This year not so many ppl at Matta Fair kan? Better dah la fasting month. Anyway, most of the packages to China, HK, OZ and etc. My wedding would be after Matta Fair next yr so I kena book next yr. Btw, when is ur big day?

hidden.wing said...

hi Yaya,

yup this time tak ramai org, best sgt :) offered price same je kan, regardless H1N1. oh, yours next march ye...mine in feb 2010..