Sep 12, 2009

his outfit

we've settled payment for both rings. for safety, we're keeping those rings with jewellers, until coming february :)

we then head to few boutiques, hunting tailor for our reception dress. walking to different buildings agak mencabar during ramadan hehe!

first boutique, SA like clueless why we're looking for them to tailor reception dress?
second boutique, nice dress & affordable rate but SA busy layan ppl looking for bj raya. what la.
third boutique, workmanship cost already beyond our budget..
fourth boutique closed!
fifth boutique. a designer, and amazingly cheapest of them all! include veil lagi (my earlier plan not to wear any for my penang reception, in case i change my mind..)

since last boutique is darn cheap, fiance will get his bj melayu tailored there too. while fiance's baju nikah will send to same tailor during engagement sebab 90 ringgit je, kemas & sangat sedap dipakai. the one left is his nehru suit for bertandang. cheapest quoted by this one designer is rm400(workmanship only). any other recommendation? :)


weDa said...

RM90 only for workmanship? where at, my dear?

for tailored suits, anything between RM300 - RM600 is considered reasonably priced. so you can use the figures as a guideline la kot :)

BuTtErFlyInFraMe said...

wah..bertandang pakai nehru ye..

hidden.wing said...

thanks weDa! so oklah that 400 kan hehe..rm90 tu by kimie kajang (019-3219607). highly recommended for plain baju melayu :)

aah alena..saje different skit cos penang dah pick traditional theme :D

weDa said...

400 is just about nice la dear.

oo kimie kajang ekh. reasonable gak ekh harga dia. thanks for the reference ;)