Jul 14, 2009


remind me of PDP's ;)
i'm lovin' it!

dropped by kak shaja's blog tadi, found her entry on how to save on wedding cake. seriously, sangat membantu esp for those with no idea on cake pricing, like me ;) i didnt know it could cost a bomb hehehe!

since we'll have acara memotong kek for bertandang, i'd love my home reception to be as casual & homey as possible. no potong kek pun ok, just tiers of cakeballs or cuppies. if mum still insist, i might opt for kak shaja's great tip - one tier cake & sewa je cake stand ...(the sample she posted is real classy...)


sweet cravings said...

yup, cake can be pricey... one kilo fondant pun can cause you hundreds- depends on the designs of course.. but the link to shaja's is really useful.. i just hope that i get to learn to do fondant icing on time before my wedding... hehe.

or else- buttercream & fresh flowers will also do.. ;) i have a fren in penang who's doing a home- based cake biz. if u want her contact, let me know la kot2 u wanna get urself familiar with the cake pricing & stuffs.. :)

dialicious said...

if u want a plain fondant like this sgt senang k..ehheeh..fondant ade jual yg ready made.cara nak evenkan the fondant u can learn from utube..the sugarpaste flowers seme ade jual readymade kt kedai kek..sorry i mmg ambitious.hahaha

sweet cravings said...

diah! sangat betul... :D kalau i x berjaya buat sendi fondant tu, harus la beli ready made saje & tepek aje atas cake kan? :P

ps/ fondant bole tepek atas pound cakes (butter cakes/ fruitcakes as it's heavy- unlike sponges or chiffon cakes) otherwise- the fondant bole tenggelam.. ;)

niki said...

i likeee! i pun igt nak do something like that.. plain fondant and put flowers or something on top :)dalam Martha Stewart banyak inspirations :)

Nurulhuda Abu Bakar said...

wah, chapter pasal cake.. i study je kot dulu entry u ni, masih terlalu awal rasanya.. hehe.. nk join discussion pun macam tak masuk.. =)

hidden.wing said...

mira, u baking your own ye..wah, goodluck then - sure cantik sentuhan pengantin sendiri kan hehe! share me her contact please, blog/fpages ok too :)

diah, teringat my fren blaja mekap through youtube hehe!! sugarpaste flower tu how much diah..any shop to recommend? btw, i heart your Nysa's cake :D

vote your choice too niki - anything sweet & timeless..btw, i miss your update!

huda : oh, dont worry. me a beginner too on cake thingy ;)

dialicious said...

nysa ordered from dreamcakes..not so expensive.Sugarpaste flowers lebih kurang 9 roses-RMbelas2 jer.fondant instant rm12 one packet can make 1 cake.boleh didapati di Cake Connection Jaya One PJ,ICCA sek14 PJ,dataran glomac pun ade kt KJ.terima kasih.heheh

hidden.wing said...

diah : fuyoo, banyak betul infonye. im reading like abg nazz okeh hahaha...dreamcakes ye, thanks alot dear :D